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About Rocketbook

Do I need a Rocketbook notebook to use the Rocketbook app?

Is Rocketbook patent protected?


What is your privacy policy?

Shipping & Returns

What is your international shipping policy?

Where do you ship?

Will my country charge me customs fees or import duty tax?

What is your return policy?

Rocketbook App


What cloud services does Rocketbook support?

Does the app sync across devices?

Can I use the app to scan non-Rocketbook pages?

The app is taking up too much space. What can I do?

Can I configure the app to only send files when connected on wifi?

Does the app recognize handwriting and/or transcribe them into text?

Why do I need to sign up for an account to use the app?

Setting Up

How do I change my email address?

How do I change/reset my password?

How do I set up or change a destination?

The default scan file format is PNG. How do I change it to PDF?

What is "Bundle Notes" and how do I turn that on?

What is Auto-send and how do I set that up?

What are Zip Notes (for email only)?

Do you plan to add more cloud services and integrations?


How can I ensure a high quality scan?

Can I scan a page in landscape mode?

Can I rename file names?

I'm seeing these discolored spots on my scans, what's up with that?

Can I increase the resolution (or quality) of my scan?

Reviewing Scans

Can I rotate my scanned pages?

Can I replace previous scans with updated scans of the same page?

Can I edit or annotate my scans?

Receiving Scans

When I send a scan to my email, I see "" as the sender. What is that?


The app is not picking up the page.

I sent my scans to my email address, but I don't see them in my inbox.

My scans are not showing up in my cloud destinations.

My scans sent to iCloud are not syncing across my iPhone,, and Mac devices.

My scans are going to the wrong destination.

I'm having trouble setting up OneNote (Personal and 365) and/or my scans are not showing up in OneNote.

My scans aren't going to Dropbox.

I can't sign up for or sign in to the app.

Notebooks & Pens


Can I get replacement pages?

Are there Rocketbook pages that I can customize?

How do I erase pages in my Rocketbook Everlast?

How do I erase pages in my Rocketbook Wave?

Do you offer notebooks that are smaller and/or larger than the Standard, Executive, and Letter sized notebooks?

There are some "ghost markings" on my Wave notebook pages after microwaving. What can I do?

What happens if I leave my Rocketbook Wave in the car on a very hot or cold day?


What kind of pens can I use with the Rocketbook Wave?

Do the Rocketbook notebooks come with penholders?