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Rocketbook Launches Into K-12 Schools!

Posted by Hannah Shaw on

The clunky rollout of the Common Core standards and assessments were widely panned by both students and educators as a sharp right turn that did not allow districts enough time to review and implement necessary changes. The high-stakes assessments offered a one-time snapshot of a student's performance on a given day that might not accurately reflect the child's progress or proficiency in a subject. In lieu of a better alternative, many districts were forced to rely on these assessments for state and federal funding. Educators lamented the inability to track and monitor a child's progress not only throughout the school year but also throughout their school careers as an assessment benchmark.

Portfolio-Based Assessments

An alternative to these one-time assessments is portfolio-based learning, where a compilation of work is collected and measured throughout the year to monitor a student's skill progression. While this sounds ideal, many districts shied away from the concept simply due to the massive amount of paper and storage space that it would require housing the collected works of every child from year to year. If there was a way to lighten this load, districts would find themselves in a position to create meaningful conversations about students' work and scaffolded skill base.
Enter Rocketbook. The solution to the cumbersome task of collecting and storing student work for K-12 school districts. A notebook where a child can write, sketch, formulate, tinker and dream, then upload all those ideas to the cloud and begin again. How can this revolutionary new tool change the entire assessment game nationwide? Let's take a look in 3,2,1 -- blast-off!

Rocketbook for Academic Classes

Rocketbook allows small children to practice forming the alphabet, illustrate stories and begin diagramming sentences all in their own handwriting. Once the notebook is full, the content is uploaded to a secure cloud service, such as Google Drive or Microsoft Office. The Wave notebook's content can be erased in the microwave (just like magic!) without losing any information. The Everlast can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and voila, fresh page! (Ps. do not microwave the Everlast). 

If a child is given a Rocketbook Everlast in kindergarten, that same notebook will travel with them throughout their entire career. As the year's progress, students, families, and educators can look back through a child's work and identify areas of remediation or strength. Imagine a high school student who's gotten a little lazy as the years pass and tries to tell their teacher, "I'm not good at writing. I've always written just a little bit." That teacher can quickly go back to the secure cloud service like Google Drive to their three-page elementary school essay on dinosaurs and say, "Nice try!"

Writing portfolios are often bulky and cumbersome due to the sheer volume of work students produce. It's also easy for these portfolios to be lost, misplaced or unopened if a child leaves the district. With the Rocketbook, the bulky constraints of a normal portfolio vanish. This holds true for every subject area, and it also eliminates the "I lost my notes!" excuse.

Revolutionizing Assessments

Good instruction always begins by looking at the end goal, which is what you want students to be able to do. With the power of Rocketbook, assessments at the state and national levels could be completely transformed using the more desirable portfolio method, which offers a more accurate picture of a child's growth. This is not a hippy-dippy "let kids move at their own pace and don't grade them" philosophy: it is a more practical way to see what kids know versus cramming them into a sweaty gymnasium to take a three-hour test. The goal is the same, but Rocketbook can change the method, and rationale, behind why it happens.

Ready to get on board this high-flying, easy-to-use and game-changing trend? Check out how Rocketbook can transform your classroom, your district, and maybe even our nation's educational system with its cloud-based platform. Blast-off!

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