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Rocketbook Supports and All Educators

Connecting the Public with Public Schools

Every year, public school teachers spend over $1.6 billion of their own money on classroom supplies.  This is an incredible ask for teachers who are doing their best to educate our children with little or no funds. was created to help classrooms get the materials they need by matching teachers with generous donors. Since 2000, has raised $706,899,564, funded 1,191,325 projects and helped 28,488,596 students. That’s a lot of valuable supplies for teachers and students!


Rocketbook Loves Educators!

We understand the benefits that digital devices and platforms bring to students, teachers, and parents. Our hope is to complement and enhance existing technology in the classroom and commit to offering simple, accessible and affordable notebooks to the education community. We're pleased to have helped fund many projects on To date, over 45 teachers have created campaigns which include introducing Rocketbooks into their classes. Check out these amazing, innovative teachers and their projects here.


Hey Teachers - Creating a Project Is So Easy!

To create a project, follow the step-by-step campaign process on the website here. On this page you'll be able to set up a project, and also explore teacher testimonials on how impacts their classrooms.


Donating to a Project is Easy Too!

Donors who visit the site then choose the teacher’s project that appeals most to them and can fully fund or partially fund it.  With all supporters know where their money goes, and all funds go directly to the teacher’s project. Donors hear directly from the teacher and the students about how their generosity impacted them. They even receive thank you notes and pictures of the students using the supplies!


Check Out this Funded Project

One of Rocketbook’s favorite projects was created by Mrs. Tagliaferri of Mishawaka, IN. Mrs. Tagliaferri created a project requesting Rocketbooks for her Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus classes. Her school is one-to-one with Chromebooks and is moving toward becoming a paperless school. She realized that STEM classes have difficulty going paperless and that writing out math problems is the best way to learn math at any level.  She requested Rocketbooks so her students could electronically send their notes and homework to their Google Drive and even to her email for immediate feedback. Mrs. Tagliaferri was so successful with her experience that she convinced other teachers at Penn High School to create their own proposals.

Rocketbook was very pleased to help Mrs. Tagliaferri fully fund her campaign! And she was effusive with her thanks:

Dear Rocketbook,

I am deeply grateful for all your support in this project.  My students will be more organized as well as many more students in the future.  I will have easier and more efficient communication with my students. Your generous gift will help many students be more successful at math and encourage them to remain more organized in their future.  There aren’t words to thank you enough.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Tagliaferri

Facing Tight Budgets, but Would Love Rocketbooks in Your Classroom? We Encourage You to Try

For many teachers, it is not possible to secure department-level budgets to fund Rocketbooks for back-to-school but offers another path. We encourage educators to get creative and set up a project and spread the word about this valuable resource for teachers. Rocketbook will continue to support projects and will commit funding every month and we’ll continue to feature our favorites.

Help Is Here!

Maggie Robbins, our educational advisor and former middle school math teacher, is eager to assist teachers with their campaigns. You can contact her at:

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