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Rocketbook Accessory Kit

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This handy bundle of notebook accessories has everything you need to keep your Rocketbook note-taking setup functioning at its highest capacity. The kit comes with two capped FriXion pens (black), one microfiber cloth, one spray bottle, and one pen station. Perhaps you lost some of your supplies during a particularly vigorous note-taking mission. Or, maybe you just want to replenish your stock so you’re prepared for the next one. Either way, this kit ensures that you’re always ready for any jotting operation that comes your way.


It’s not rocket science: sometimes you lose notebook accessories. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Even if you have everything you need now, there’s no telling what the future holds. Replace supplies that veered off course or stock up on backup.

    bundle of Rocketbook notebook accessories Rocketbook microfiber cloth Rocketbook pen station two black FriXion pens Rocketbook spray bottle
    person using Rocketbook microfiber cloth to erase Rocketbook


    Rocketbook products are the next-gen note-taking solution you’ve been waiting for. Besides improving organization and delivering a more enjoyable writing experience, Rocketbooks save trees. Reduce waste, save space, and make Earth a better place!


    This kit covers the basics, but don’t stop there. Rocketbook accessories let you personalize and upgrade your note-taking station to perfection. If you have any questions about our notebook accessories, don’t hesitate to contact us. Just like a spaceship, after a few spins around the galaxy, sometimes you need to reevaluate and refuel. Stock up on your supplies now!

    person writing in Rocketbook with Rocketbook accessories scattered on table

    The Rocketbook App


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    Wipe the pages clean to reuse again and again

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