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Filler Paper Expansion Pack

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Rocketbook Reusable Filler Paper finally gives you the power to organize notes any way you’d like with the familiar freedom of loose leaf. The Expansion Pack adds 10 extra pages of Filler Paper to your collection! Unlike regular loose leaf–which hasn’t been updated in decades–our pages are smart enough to digitize your notes. For too long, the organizational and digital power of Rocketbook pages have been restricted and bound by spiral coils. Not anymore! Equip any 3-ring binder with hole-punched Filler Paper and then remove, add, or rearrange pages as your notetaking heart desires. The world is a 3-ring circus, tame it with Filler Paper.
Letter: 8.5 in x 11 in / 10 double-sided loose leaf sheets * Choose dot grid, graph paper, or lined (wide or college ruled) * 5+ Smart Features on every page for easy digitization (w/ the free Rocketbook App) * Erasable pages for endless reuse * Compatible with any 3-ring binder for boundless organization * Does NOT include 1 Pilot FriXion pen and 1 microfiber towel for easy writing and erasing
You haven’t gotten your fill of Filler Paper–as in, you need more. Just a little refill of your Filler Paper to feel fulfilled. The Expansion Pack’s 10 extra pages is the perfect amount to keep you digitizing, erasing, and rearranging your notes for eons

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