Protect your Rocketbook notebook or planner with a Capsule—our sleek and stylish notebook cover that comes packed with handy features. The Capsule notebook padfolio is your trusty co-pilot on all of your note-taking missions. Durable yet lightweight, they look and feel fantastic while safeguarding your Rocketbook from daily wear and tear.


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3 products

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Smart & Stylish

We know you love your Rocketbook—we feel the same way! Capsules add that personal touch that makes your reusable notebook or reusable planner feel like coming home after eons in space. Not only do they look amazing, but they add that extra layer of protection you need when you’re tossing it into your bag and heading out for the day’s adventures. A notebook cover also adds a professional touch to your Rocketbook, showing the world that you care about what you do, in the office, classroom, and beyond.

Thoughtful Features

We pulled out all the stops when we designed our Capsules! Inner pockets hold all of your essentials like Cloud Cards and Filler Paper. Pen docks ensure that your FriXion pen is always accessible when you need it. Metal clasps keep your notes secured firmly in place. Your Capsule is your all-in-one organization station that reduces clutter and keeps your essentials in one place. Alongside your Rocketbook, it’s like a desk and a file cabinet combined into one ultra-handy notebook cover—welcome to the paperless future you’ve been waiting for!

Explore Rocketbook Accessories

A Capsule notebook padfolio is a must-own Rocketbook companion, but that’s just the start of your customization journey! Discover a wide variety of innovative accessories that elevate your Rocketbook and put you in the captain’s chair. As always, if you have any questions, get in touch. Transform your Rocketbook into a mission control center with a Capsule!