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Rocketbook Fusion

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Cover Color — Planetary Plum

When looking at the Rocketbook line of erasable smart notebooks, the Fusion is the clear choice for those who want the best of both worlds—the feel of a traditional pen and paper notebook with the flexibility and convenience of a digital device.

The Rocket Fusion is custom-tailored for those who need a little direction when it comes to productivity. With several page layouts, you’ve got everything you need to get your life, classwork, and business or career organized all in one place.


42 reusable pages with 7 different page styles for planning, listing, goal setting, note-taking, sketching, and sharing big ideas.

  • Includes task list, weekly planner, monthly calendar, OKR goal template, idea list, dot grid, and lined pages
  • Infinitely reusable
  • Works with any Pilot FriXion pen, marker or highlighter (pen included)
  • Pages erase with water and included microfiber cloth for endless reuse
  • The Rocketbook Fusion comes in Letter Size (8.5 x 11) or Executive Size (6 x 8.8)
  • Spray bottle not included
  • Useful for those who struggle with productivity
  • Replaces several traditional notebooks by combining many templates into one convenient notebook
  • Great for collaboration
  • Connects directly to cloud services
  • Eco-friendly
  • FriXion Pen included

Get your Rocketbook Fusion today and start enjoying all the benefits this incredible reusable notebook has to offer—both at work and in your personal life.

Have questions? Contact us, and we’d be happy to help!

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    The Rocketbook Fusion is a reusable pen and paper notebook that connects to the cloud using your mobile device! Simply write, scan and then erase your pages using water. The free Rocketbook app uses sophisticated computer vision to instantly blast your notes to popular cloud services you already use! The Rocketbook Fusion smart reusable notebook features 42 pages that are packed with seven different page templates to equip you for every day of your academic mission.

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    We combined the patented, reusable freedom of the Rocketbook Core with a universe of new page styles to efficiently and sustainably offload your work and school payload.

    • 1 Task List Page
    • 2 Weekly Planner Pages
    • 1 Monthly Calendar Page
    • 1 OKRs Page
    • 1 Ideas Page
    • 18 Dot Grid Pages
    • 18 Lined Pages

    The Rocketbook App


    Write using any Pilot Frixion™ pen


    Scan your pages to save for later using the free Rocketbook app


    The Rocketbook app connects to all of your favorite cloud services


    Wipe the pages clean to reuse again and again

    Get The App!

    Our app for iOS and Android beams your notes and big ideas to the cloud services you already use!