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On-the-Go Bundle

On-the-Go Bundle

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Mini Cover Color
Infinity Black
Midnight Blue
Atomic Red
Neptune Teal
Beacons Orange
Deep Space Gray
Terrestrial Green
Scarlet Sky
  • The On-the-Go Bundle is the perfect mix of futuristic note-taking tools that also fit in your pocket. You don’t have to stuff this bundle in your pocket though, it would be just as acceptable to take these Minis wherever you go or keep them on your desk, ready for productivity at a moment’s notice.

    Bundle includes a Mini (color of your choice) and a set of Beacons, the perfect gift duo for you or a friend. As a bonus gift, this bundle also includes a spray bottle, a pen station, and 3 black Pilot FriXion pens which can be used so that your writing sticks to the Mini pages like regular paper, but adding a drop of water will erase the notebook pages like magic.

  • 1 Mini
    • 3.5 in x 5.5 in / 48 pages for tons of note-taking space in your pocket
    • Dot grid pattern on each page for enhanced scanning
    • Rocketbook app scans and connects your notes to the cloud to digitally save and share your notes
    • Pages are erasable with included microfiber cloth and Pilot FriXion pen for easy and infinite reuse
    1 Beacon Set
    • Set of 4 Beacons to digitize your whiteboard
    • 2.5 inch triangles for easy transport
    • Free Go-Pack carry case for convenience
    • Restickable micro suction technology for easy reuse
    • Wash with soap and water for infinite reusability
    • 3 black Pilot FriXion pens designed for smooth writing
    • 1 spray bottle for convenient erasability
    • 1 Pen Station for intuitive pen storage
  • Are you looking to get someone a gift that doesn’t take up too much space? Then the On-the-Go Bundle is the bundle for you. Although each item is small, the contents of this bundle has productivity benefits of galactic proportions. Your gift receiver will have the ability to capture ideas on the go in the Mini or at the office with the Beacons. Once they’ve scanned, digitized, and shared those ideas, they’ll use the spray bottle to easily erase and start anew. This bundle pairs nicely with a tasteful pocket watch.

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