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Refuel Bundle

Refuel Bundle

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  • The Refuel Bundle stocks you with all the essentials for a successful note-taking mission. Maybe after eons of note-taking, supplies are running low and you need to restock; you’ve come to the right place.

    Bundle includes 7 pens, a couple of pen stations, plus a spray bottle and cloth. Combined with a Rocketbook notebook, this bundle ensures you’re prepared to be a futuristic note-taker for years to come.

  • 7-Pack Pens
    • 7 Pilot FriXion Pens for easy and endless notebook use
    • Colors include black, blue, red, turquoise, purple, green, pink to capture every shade of your ideas
    2 Pen Stations
    • Pen holder attaches to your notebook for easy pen storage
    1 Spray Bottle
    • Conveniently sized for convenient erasibilty
    1 Microfiber Cloth
    • Wash with soap and water for endless reusability
  • Rocketbook notebooks are reusable, which means they’re built to last for a long time. Just like a spaceship, after a few trips around the moon, fuel runs low. So take this moment to refuel with all the add-ons you’ve used up. The moral of the story is to accessorize now so you can digitize later.

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