1) Which file types does Rocketbook provide?

Initially, the file format which Rocketbook will save to the cloud will be a high quality JPG.  Remember, the Rocketbook app will select, correct, crop and color balance each sheet. For email, we will collate the selected number of pages and send a PDF. We will also provide the option to store the original files in an online Rocketbook repository.

2) Will Rocketbook detect my handwritten notes and transcribe them into text?

Your notes will be indexed by handwriting recognition when you send them to Evernote. We are also investigating future Rocketbook features that will use handwriting recognition to enrich the Rocketbook experience such as automatically capturing the written title of the page to create the text title of the document.

3) What if I leave my Rocketbook in the car on a very hot/cold day?

FriXion pen ink turns clear at 140°F/60°C.  It regains its color at 40°F/4°C.  So make sure you scan your notes with the app before you leave your Rocketbook somewhere extremely hot or cold.

4) Do I have to buy a Rocketbook to get access to the app.

Yes, just once.  The purchase of one Rocketbook grants you lifetime access to the app, on both Android and iOS, for life.

Once you have access to the app, you will also have access to free PDFs and editable Google Docs, so you can even print your own pages and even customize and bind your own books for personal use.  

We believe in providing you freedom, and not locking you into a system where you must buy books from us.  We want you to have a proper Rocketbook to enjoy the best best experience when you first use Rocketbook. You will continue to buy Rocketbooks if you love the books and find them to be a great value.

5) If I buy several Rocketbooks for friends and family, will they get access to the app, too?

Yes, each Rocketbook includes access to the app for one user, across iOS and Android devices.

6) Is Rocketbook patent protected?

Yes, we have numerous patents pending on the app technology and the physical book.

7) Will my country charge me customs fees or import duty tax? Or can you declare my package to be worth less so I can avoid customs fees?

All Rocketbook orders are shipped from the United States. Depending on your government policies, your government might charge you for receiving goods from the US. Thank you in advance for understanding that this policy and your obligation to pay customs is an issue between your country and its citizens, and we cannot help any customer to avoid paying customs fees by providing inaccurate customs forms.