Rocketbook paperless notebooks and journals, allow you to write, doodle, and more, without wasting paper. Designed like a traditional spiral notebook, Rocketbook can be paired with the app to organize ideas on your favorite cloud platforms. Infinitely erasable, your reusable smart notebook can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth and a few drops of water.
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Which Rocketbook Notebook is Best For You?

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Do More with Rocketbook

Rocketbooks are perfect for professionals, students, educators, and anyone else with ideas! If you’re a born scribbler, or can’t stop brainstorming, Rocketbook paperless notebooks can help you do more:

  • Save More Trees: Manufacturing, throwing away, and even recycling traditional notebooks means producing and using more paper. Think about it. How many notebooks are sitting around your home, office, or classroom? And how many more have you thrown away? Instead of buying stacks of notebooks, why not buy one reusable journal or notepad you can wipe clean and use again?
  • Get More Time Back: One moment, you have a life-changing idea, the next, it’s gone, [If only I’d written that down!] Or, maybe you did jot it down, but that scrap of paper has been lost to time and couch cushions. It happens to the best of us! Not to worry, just one paperless notebook from Rocketbook means no more scraps, no more forgotten ideas, and no more wasted time.
  • Save More Money: The math checks out: buying fewer notebooks means saving more money. With our stellar customer support, you’ll get the most out of your Rocketbook. We’re here to help!