10 Habits to Start Tracking in a Notebook

Don’t just start a new habit, stick to it!

Habit tracking is a method used to help ingrain a new, positive behavior into your regular routine. Tracking can be done in a number of ways, but writing down whether or not you actually did the new behavior is one of the most impactful. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that writing helps make stronger mental connections since it involves an array of coordinated physical motions. That’s why we suggest using a Rocketbook notebook to track all of your new habits (although, any notebook will work just fine).

Habit tracking can be used to help you start and stick to any new activity, and works especially well with certain types of habits, which we’ll break down in this article. Through tracking, you’ll perfect your new habits faster, so you’ll want to do them more. You may even find that habit tracking itself has become a fun new habit, and find yourself looking for even more behaviors to learn!

10 habits to start tracking in a notebook

To help you get started, here are some of the best habits to start tracking in a notebook…

Habit #1: Exercises

It’s tempting to choose “exercise” as a new habit. However, for many people, the lack of specificity makes it hard to succeed. To improve your chance at success, add a particular exercise, for example doing some push-ups, to your daily routine. Write this exercise in your notebook and check it off every time you complete it. Once that has become a habit, add another type of exercise. By building on like this, you’ll eventually have mastered an entire workout routine. The next thing you know, you’ll be leading an entire acrobatic troupe! 

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Habit #2: Wake-Up Time

In 2019, the most popular habit to track was “wake up early,” according to Coach.me. In addition to the many productivity-based benefits, waking up early has also been shown to improve mental and physical health. Use your notebook to keep a daily (or rather, nightly) sleep log that tracks what time you go to bed and what time you wake up each night.

Habit #3: Get Better Sleep

While some people are working to reduce their time asleep, plenty of others are looking to improve their quality of sleep. In 2019, “no screens after 10 PM” was one manifestation of this type of goal, as looking at screens too close to bedtime is believed to interfere with sleep. When that 10pm cutoff time rolls around, use your notebook to to replace the habit of staring at a screen by journaling, which comes with it’s own benefits (see the next section).

Habit #4: Studying

High school and college students often find that there are plenty of things to do that are more interesting than studying. Alas, study is required for good grades in most courses. Making a habit of studying everyday will not only help improve your grades, but will make it less painful to hit the books. This is because studying is like doing the dishes, it’s easy when you do a little each night, but fall behind and an overwhelming amount of work will pile up. Unlike doing the dishes, studying with a Rocketbook notebook allows you to scan and save your notes to make studying more convenient (and dare we say…fun).

Habit #5: Do a Random Act of Kindness

People who are in the habit of being helpful often find themselves with a more positive outlook on life. Make this a habit and track it to release a kinder and friendlier self. Some easy ways to spread kindness include giving someone a compliment or dropping a quarter into a random person’s parking meter, giving a . Use a notebook to keep a list of all the kind acts you’ve done and while you’re at it, give yourself a pat on the back for all the good you’ve added to the world.

Habit #6: Show Gratitude Daily

Good circumstances often go unrecognized. Refresh your energy and your outlook by purposefully pausing for a few minutes each day to stop and be thankful for the positives in your life. Use your notebook to create a gratitude journal that allows space for reflection, gratitude, positivity. For example, in 2020 you might be grateful that you’ve mastered the ability to set and stick to new habits through tracking!

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Habit #7: 15 Minutes of Cleaning

Keeping an area clean is far easier when you do it on a regular basis. This keeps the task from becoming “decontamination,’’ rather than simply “cleaning”. If it already seems overwhelming, don’t worry — going at it for a few minutes a day will add up to a world of difference! Using your notebook to quickly check off and track a habit like “clean for 15 minutes daily” will get you into the groove and help you stay there for the long term.

Habit #8: Avoid Unwanted Food or Drink

Most people think of a habit as something extra to do, but if you want to stop doing something, habit tracking can be an effective way to help. Track each day without alcohol, cigarettes, sweet foods, soda, moon juice, or another unwanted substance. Some of these are easier to quit than others, but tracking can help with them all. Immediately record anytime you break your habit of avoiding the unwanted food or drink in your notebook to hold yourself accountable. For the tougher ones, consider adding counseling or other help to the mix.

10 habits to start tracking in a notebook

Habit #9: Learn a New Language

This is a favorite among fans of language-learning apps. To make a new language “stick,” you need to practice it every day or two. Using habit tracking to get used to spending a few minutes on this project helps to ensure your success. Use a notebook to track your progress by listing your favorite new word learned from each practice session. Not only will these keep you on the road to success, but you’ll have a list of fun words to read if you’re ever very very bored.

Habit #10: Do Something Creative

You don’t have to be a master artist to enjoy sketching, writing, singing or a similar activity. Make a habit of taking 10 minutes out of your day for a creative pursuit. You may find that you’re really good at whatever you choose, but even if you aren’t, you’ll enjoy doing it. Use your notebook to aid in the habit, or simply to track that you’re doing it.


These are just some of the many habits you can track with a Rocketbook Notebook. Each page can be written on over and over again, so it’s always ready for you to track your progress on your new habit. It’s also sustainable since it doesn’t use up paper, so technically by using it you’re automatically building a new habit of helping save the planet. Start 2020 with a new habit and enter 2021 having kept up that habit for a full year by tracking your progress in a notebook!

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