Launch your school’s education experience into a universe of new possibilities with the infinite power of Rocketbook reusable smart notebooks and products.


Connect your students with cool products, engaging features, and fresh inspiration.


Lead your school to digital greatness with reusable, cost-effective solutions.


Transform an entire school district, and community, with notebooks from the future.

The Rocketbook Way

Hand Write & Learn

Traditional pen and paper products for a superior cognitive experience.

Digitize, Organize & Share

Scan and beam to the cloud to transcribe, organize, automate, share, and truly connect.

Reuse & Save

Save your notes. Then, save the planet. Wipe your pages clean and use again.

Connect Your Class In the Cloud

The free Rocketbook app for iOS and Android seamlessly integrates with many of the cloud services your school already utilizes.
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Rocketbook + Google Classroom

Rocketbook works with Google Classroom! Collaborate on exciting new lessons the old fashioned way ... by hand! Then scan, submit, and organize in one location!

Your School's Data Is Safe With Rocketbook

We are entirely focused on supporting edu. This means we keep things secure.

The Rocketbook App

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Cloud Service Integrations

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Info Security

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Cool Tools For Schools

Rocketbook Core

Our flagship notebook comes in two sizes, eight colors, and dot-grid or lined pages.

Rocketbook Fusion

7 pages templates in every notebook for every educational scenario.

Rocketbook Beacons

Make your old whiteboards a digitally connected smartboard for way less.


Use any of our reusable notetaking products for a traditional handwriting experience - which actually makes you smarter (Google It!). We worked with several experts to develop our patented, futuristic technology, while keeping an authentic pen and paper feel.


No more notepaper guilt! Rocketbook products can be reused, so you can stop using your other paper notebooks and save trees. When paired with Pilot FriXion ink, the pages of your Core can be wiped clean with water and a cloth!


Got an iPhone or Android? Prepare to harness the future of notes in the palm of your hand. Use the free Rocketbook app to configure popular cloud services as your scan destinations. We’ve partnered with some of your favorite services, but you’re welcomed to stick to good ole email too!


Time for liftoff! Start scanning your notes, to-do lists, and out-of-this-world ideas. See green, snap, and your notes will be visually enhanced! Then, your scans will automatically blast off to their rightful cyber destination at the speed of light, err... your mobile connection.