Are you looking for an improved notetaking experience from your Rocketbook planner or notebook? Our selection of Rocketbook accessories can provide you with better organization and more options for using your Rocketbook products.

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Which Rocketbook Notebook is Best For You?

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Better Organization = Better Productivity

Rocketbook offers a variety of accessories and replacements that increase productivity and make it even easier to write, erase, scan, and reuse your favorite Rocketbook products. If you're not sure which accessories make sense for your personal needs or you haven't experienced some of our products yet, feel free to browse around.

Rocketbook Accessories

Here are some ways to elevate your Rocketbook experience with the perfect accessories:

  • Get more use out of your Rocketbook with a Rocketbook Capsule. This protective cover allows you to store up to 40 pages of Rocketbook notes. Rocketbook covers can also help keep your notebook or planner looking new. Plus, they offer different colors and styles to personalize your Rocketbook experience.
  • Get a Rocketbook Replacement. If you're looking for a new FriXion pen, microfiber cloth, filler paper, or spray bottle, Rocketbook has you covered. These replacement items can help keep your Rocketbook looking and functioning like new.
  • Expand Your Horizons. Rocketbook also offers a variety of options that may be unfamiliar to you so you can enhance your note-taking experience. Rocketbook Beacons, Think Board, and Cloud Cards are excellent choices to upgrade your Rocketbook productivity.

Browse our full selection of Rocketbook accessories and find the perfect way to improve your note-taking experience. Need help? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that arise.

How It Works



Our line of Rocketbook accessories will assist you with writing down plans, goals, journal entries, and creative sketches into your Rocketbook.



Improving your Rocketbook experience with our various accessories will allow you to scan using the free Rocketbook app for easy access.



Organize your notes by sharing to your favorite cloud tools and boost your productivity.



Reuse your Rocketbook notebooks and replacements as much as you’d like by erasing and starting from scratch.