3 Reasons to Gift a Rocketbook

3 Reasons to Gift a Rocketbook

Posted by Andie Missert on November 15, 2018.

Look no further for the best gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list. If you already own a Rocketbook notebook, you know how life-changing it is. If you don’t, allow us to explain why it is a universally praised gift, especially during the holiday season.

Rocketbook Gift for Parents Best Friend Rocketbook

A Futuristic, Magical Gift For All Ages

First, Rocketbook notebooks are the perfect gift for any age. What does this mean exactly? We have variations of our Notebook that work well for students of all ages, small children in school, working professionals, artists, parents, etc. We create notebooks that work for people with varying lifestyles. For example, a college or graduate student may appreciate an Everlast Letter-Sized Notebook due to its size and reusability factor. A working professional may value the Everlast because of the ability to use the Rocketbook app to scan meeting notes to the cloud and share with coworkers in a shared Google Drive folder. Meanwhile, small children can enjoy drawing in the Rocketbook Color and then family members can scan drawings and share with family near or far. Like we said - there’s a Rocketbook that can fit with anyone’s lifestyle or occupation.

Eco-Friendly Notebooks Save Trees

Second, our Everlast Notebook is endlessly reusable and eco-friendly. The pages in the Everlast can be erased with a little bit of water and an included cloth. The person you choose to give this to will never have to purchase a notebook again, and therefore won’t waste sheets of paper! The Rocketbook Everlast really is the gift that keeps giving and can be used repeatedly, but also decreases paper waste.

New Tech = Endless Exploring

The best part of receiving a gift is getting to try it out and explore how it works, especially new technology. So lastly, giving a Rocketbook will keep your recipient occupied and excited throughout the holidays. Why? Besides the awesome reusability factor of these notebooks, the Rocketbook app has tons of features to explore! Once creating a login, your recipient can hook up the app to different cloud services, practice scanning pages, check out OCR features, and beyond. Plus, new updates are constantly being added to the app.

Andie Missert is on the Marketing Team here at Rocketbook. She carries two Rocketbooks with her at all times and likes to decorate hers with stickers from places she's traveled to. Her favorite out-of-this-world fact is that space actually smells like seared steak. 

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