E05 | Talking to Strangers

E05 | Talking to Strangers

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Experiment Results

In the fifth podcast episode of The Betterment Experiment, Rocketbook co-founders Joe and Jake recount their struggles from spending a week talking to complete strangers in an effort to improve their interpersonal relationships. 

"This is something that's near and dear to my heart. Back when I was single, this is how I found my wife! She was just a stranger working in the Barnes & Noble in Boston." - Joe (2:23)

As a reminder, last episode Jake and Joe argued about which extreme method they should test out to strengthen their interpersonal relationships, and our listeners voted for Talking to Strangers.

At least once a day, they forced themselves to face their social anxieties and start up a conversation with someone they didn't know. After one week, they found talking to strangers was good practice to make them feel more comfortable when meeting people in social situations or at networking events. Joe found the exercise entertaining as he became the "mayor of a bar" and learned how to sneak into a Post Malone concert! Jake, on the other hand, found this episode's experiment to be torture, as it taught him he has a conversational anxiety disorder that he now hopes to address.  

After sharing their experiences, they explain how they plan to adapt this experiment to help build relationships in there lives in a less stressful way. 


This episode, Joe and Jake pitch their preferred extreme eating habits.

“Intermittent Fasting is much more than a diet, it's a lifestyle...now tell me about the pee strips!” - Jake (21:15)

Intermittent Fasting

This extreme eating habit works like this: for a portion of every day, you don't eat food. Most commonly people spend the first 16 hours of the day fasting and the next 8 hours eating. Jake advocates for this eating habit based on its simplicity and ease of application. While Joe accepts that it will train his brain to stop giving into unhealthy urges, he hates the idea of being hungry during the day and claims it will act as a distraction.


Ketogenic Diet

This extreme eating habit works like this: you eliminate carbohydrates from your diet and increase your intake of fats. After surviving the first week of what Joe deem's the "Keto Flu", your body will start to change for the better. You will stop craving carbs and will find yourself less hungry throughout the day to help curb the common habit of overeating. Jake prophesizes that similar to the fidget spinners, the Keto Diet is a fad and won't provide any impactful results. Joe shuts down this theory with a claim that he's lost 20lbs on the Keto Diet. 


As always, you can vote on which life hack you want Joe and Jake to test out on themselves. Then, listen in to the next episode where they'll discuss their findings!

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Episode Breakdown

(00:23) -- Intro
(00:45) -- Recap last episode's debate and winning experiment
(1:58) -- Share Findings
(10:15) -- Tips & modifications for Talking to Strangers
(13:47) -- Listener-submitted question
(14:58) -- Break
(15:24) -- Intro to Debate: Strengthen your interpersonal relationships
(15:33) -- "Intermittent Fasting" Pitch
(16:19) -- "Ketogenic Diet" Pitch 
(21:26) -- Debate Wrap-Up
(21:59) -- Vote at podcast.GetRocketbook.com
(22:19) -- Subscribe, Rate, and Review
(23:03) -- Outro

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