Everything You Need to Know About the Rocketbook Teacher Planner

Designed by teachers, for teachers.

Picture this: you head to your classroom desk, ready for 8 hours of productivity. You arrive and notice the 6-foot planner Jenga that lays atop it. The planners from 2013–2018 are stacked up *just in case* you need to reference a lesson plan from September 28, 2015. Sound a little too familiar?

Fear not. The new Rocketbook Teacher Planner is reusable and cloud-connected, so it’s the only planner you’ll need for years to come. Not to mention it has stellar organizational abilities (and 8 templates designed by teachers).


Planning out an entire semester of work can be tedious, especially if you teach more than one class. Thus, we decided to create a product to tackle this exact problem. Enter the Teacher Planner and its 9 weeks of scheduling templates.

8 Templates Designed for Teachers, by Teachers

Our mission with this planner was to make an affordable, space-efficient, and easily customizable holy-grail item for teachers and professors alike. That’s why we’ve included 8 teacher-worthy templates in our planner.


Calendars Galore

Want your week to start on Monday instead of Sunday? Done. Not only are there blank weekly calendars, but the planner also includes monthly and yearly templates that allow you to overview the entire semester at once.

“The ability to plan nine weeks in advance was truly helpful because it allows us to plan as a curriculum map.” -William W., English Teacher


The Teacher Planner’s monthly spread helps you plan weeks in advance.

Endless Note Taking

Want to use one of the DIY chart templates to create a seating chart? Go for it. The possibilities are endless. The Teacher Planner isn’t limited to the classroom; feel free to use it to document your meetings outside of school as well, or try it in partnership with the Multi-Subject Notebook to keep work-life separate from social-life.

“Lesson plans are really well laid out. It doesn’t force the user into creating one type — it’s very flexible.” -Kelly D., Undergraduate Prof.


The DIY Chart allows you to use the page for classic note taking or custom templates.

Built By You

Feedback and template ideas from real teachers helped steer the ship, making you just as involved in this product as we are. Your tailored needs and expertise helped us integrate useful features for educators everywhere that are too often overlooked. This includes lesson planning pages and rosters in addition to class schedules fit for both in-school and after-school activities.

“I love it, and even showed it to my homeschooling friends- it is easily adaptable to their needs as well!” -Amanda S., HS Music Director

Classroom Digitization

Like all Rocketbook products, the Teacher Planner is fully integrated with the Rocketbook app available on Apple’s App Store or Google Play, making it the perfect partner in crime (or teaching). Transcribe, name, and share notes online with students and colleagues for a more seamless workflow. With the Smart Lists feature, you can create lists that are easily recognized by the app and can be sorted digitally however you want. And, once you scan a page, you can erase it with water.

“Being able to digitize and search those PDF’s rather than flip through old planners will be fantastic.” -Todd H., Middle School Teacher

Final Thoughts

The Teacher Planner is the ultimate back-to-school tool to boost productivity and reduce stress during the entire school year. Ditch your old school planners and get to saving paper (and money) with the reusable Teacher Planner.

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