Extreme Rocketbook Hacks From Real Users

Proceed with caution.

So… You think you can handle the most extreme Rocketbook hacks? The hacks that — if pulled off correctly — could up your productivity game into the stratosphere. The hacks that could propel your evolution from a “pretty organized person” to Supreme Organizer of the Planet Earth (S.O.P.E. — is that an acronym people use?).

Well, we appreciate the confidence. But with each great hack, comes great risk. These Rocketbook hacks are not for the faint of heart. These hacks could (literally) damage your Rocketbook notebooks forever, if not managed with the utmost skill and care.


You’re still interested? Impressive. But proceed with caution:

  1. Home-made Beacon Hack
  2. Waterbrush Hack
  3. Tab Organization Hack
  4. Cat Nap Hack


1. Home-made Beacon Hack

The Hack: Beacons are our restickable and reusable triangles that safely convert any workplace into a smartboard with just a quick scan. Dare to cut and place orange highlighter tape on the corners of the surface you’re scanning. The risk will pay off, as you’ll have home-made Beacons in minutes (even though ours are still pretty awesome, and restickable).

  • Warning 1: Using tape on any Rocketbook notebook could damage it’s reusable and erasable surface.
  • Warning 2: Risk of making our Beacons cry because they think they’re not good enough for you.

Check out how Brian Friedlander, a home-made Beacons boss, easily transforms his index cards into scannable study tools:

This hack serves any brave souls who have a surface that needs to be scanned and the courage to try something new. Big or small, as long as it’s flat, your home-made Beacons will capture it.

  • Remote Whiteboard Collaboration: Whiteboard glare is the bane of any group project’s existence. Trying to take a picture of your wonderful notes and diagrams when the board is shining back on you can be a pain. With home-made Beacons, you can easily scan your whiteboard and upload the file to a drive where all members of your group can see and edit as they please!
  • Digital Flashcards: Flashcards are awesome. Losing flashcards is not awesome. Popping some home-made Beacons on the corners of your important study materials keeps your information safe and secure in the Cloud where it belongs.
  • Groceries On-the-Go: Grocery lists are a necessary part of the shopping experience, but not always a remembered one. Get that list onto your phone with home-made Beacons, and never forget another grocery again!


2. Waterbrush Eraser Hack

The Hack: As effective as a damp cloth or our spray bottles can be for erasing a whole page, they’re not as great for erasing small details.Use a waterbrush to wipe away small mistakes. It’s a daring endeavor, but it’s an easier method for taking care of little stumbles in your Rocketbook notebook.

  • Warning: Waterbrush size varies, leaving room for mistakes when erasing. Even though waterbrushes can be more precise in erasing a single line of notes, there’s still opportunity for smudging your erased notes’ neighbors in the process.

Take a look at Devon Peavler, Rocketbook Pro, using their waterbrush to adjust and update their weekly meeting schedule.

This hack is for those who are a bit more dangerous and a bit more detail oriented. Our perfectionists or our editors. It’s also for those who just need to keep information up to date.

  • Precision Erasing: Word choice is important. It’s the difference between Rocketbook and “Spaceshipbook”, or “endlessly reusable” and “usable again and again and again”. When you use a waterbrush to erase, you don’t have to be afraid of picking the wrong word. It’s fine bristled tip can easily erase that one word that just doesn’t fit, without ruining the rest of your writing.
  • Perfected Planning: Let’s face it. It’s very rare that a day, much less a week or month goes exactly as planned. Especially for the daredevils who read this blog. Meetings are constantly rearranged, due dates are pushed back and pulled up, and your skydiving plans go awry. This waterbrush hack can help you keep the small dates and details of your plans up to date, despite changes.
  • High Stakes Art-Making: Sometimes mistakes are what elevate average pieces of art into something groundbreaking and cutting-edge. Other times, they’re just a pain in the butt. For the latter situation, a waterbrush can get rid of the nitty gritty mess-ups that a spray bottle wouldn’t be able to get at. Preserve your piece while staying precise!


3. Tab Organization Hack

The Hack: Label the different sections of your Rocketbook notebook using stick-on binder tabs so you can sit back and thumb through your notebook with ease. Binder tabs are a classic in the world of organization, but that same status doesn’t hold in the Rocketbook notebook universe. Make worlds collide with this quick tip.

  • Warning: Some binder tab brands use sticky adhesives that will damage the part of the page where the binder tab is placed. This may prevent you from being able to write or erase in these sections.

Feast your eyes on Dan Hogue, Rocketbook rebel, shows how he upgrades his organization with binder tabs.

This hack is not for those who want to keep their Rocketbook notebooks in the exact condition they purchased them. Every tab is a risk, and the price paid is a centimeter of Rocketbook notebook page lost. But, for those confident in their notebook set-up, these small tabs can change the game when it comes to finding the right notes at the right time.

  • Test Prep: It’s final exams season and you have 4 months worth of content to review in the span of a few weeks. Where the heck do you start? Sorting your class content into chapters with binder tabs can accelerate your study process, and allow you to easily return to sections you need to review a bit more.
  • Planning Ahead: Every planner pro knows that you don’t just have one structure for your planning. You have a daily planner, a weekly planner, a monthly planner and maybe even a long-term planner (our Panda Planner accounts for all four). Don’t waste time trying to find the planner you need, sort them all out using tabs labeled by time period.
  • Eclectic Notetaking: One Rocketbook notebook can cover a lot of ground. From sorting out your bills and listing recipes, to creating to-do lists and sketching pictures of your garden– your Rocketbook is there when you need it. With binder tabs, you can write, sketch and plan confidently, without the worry of your notebook becoming cluttered.


4. Cat Nap Hack

The Hack: Simply leave your Rocketbook notebook out, and your pet will do the rest. This hack won’t require much, other than a cat with a good taste in notebooks, a yearning for a nap or bath, and a renegade owner.

  • Warning: The sharp claws of your kitten can scratch and damage the pages of your notebook. With every good cat nap comes the risk of irreparably screwed up pages and possible dirt and muck stains.

Take a look at Molly Jean, Rocketbook’s #1 feline fan, lounging on her favorite Rocketbook notebook.

When most people think of a Rocketbook user they may think of a hard working student in school, or a teacher with class notes to scan, or a young entrepreneur who wouldn’t feel right with just some regular notebook. This hack is not for those people. In fact, it’s not for people at all. It’s for our four-legged and fearless Rocketbook fans.

  • Cat Baths: What better way to release some of that tension than to take a nice bath. Admittedly, for cats this looks a little different (less bath bombs, more tongue-paw technique), but it’s still a great way to shake off some of that kitty kerfuffle.
  • Nap Time: Cats have a lot to do in one day. Clawing at your bed posts, keeping an eye on any bright or moving lights, and bringing home any tiny trespassers who may have entered your property. It’s a busy job. So at the end of a long day, your cat deserves a nap. And other than being endlessly reusable, your Rocketbook pages are also endlessly “snooze-able”.


Hack With Caution

We hope you and your Rocketbook come out of this blog unscathed, and with luck, a bit more productive. Rocketbook doesn’t offer a line of band-aids, rubbing alcohol or pats-on-the-back for those whose hacks didn’t go as planned, though clean Microfiber towels can double as tissues to dry your tears. These hacks are not for everyone! So proceed with caution and good luck Rocketbook daredevils!

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