Google Classroom and Rocketbook - A Perfect Match

Google Classroom and Rocketbook - A Perfect Match

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Posted by Maggie Robbins on August 24, 2018.

What is Google Classroom?

With all the different types of Learning Management Systems (LMS) available to school systems, Google Classroom often stands out as the primary favorite among educators. This particular LMS is a free web-based platform that integrates GSuite for Education. It aims to create, distribute and grade assignments in a paperless way. If you’re an educator looking to streamline your classroom workflow and make teacher and student communication even stronger, this could be a fantastic fit for you.

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Benefits of Using Google Classroom

What are some of the benefits of using Google Classroom? For starters, it allows teachers to create classes, post assignments, organize folders, and view work in real-time. Students are then able to access their assignments on any web-based device and turn their work in to their teachers.

Google Classroom has evolved to include a calendar, and a new grading tool where teachers can switch between grades, student submissions, and comments. You can even post assessments! If you’re interested, check out their new features that will be of great use to teachers when school begins this fall.

Google Classroom

How Rocketbook Works with Google Classrooms & STEM Classes

For educators using Google Classroom, it is important to note that student submissions are traditionally submitted in typed form.  This is fine for some student assignments, but what about math and STEM classes? Typing answers to math problems are cumbersome and time-consuming and downright impossible! For these subjects, it’s necessary for teachers to see student’s hand-written work and that’s where Rocketbook comes into play. Student Rocketbook submissions in conjunction with Google Classroom’s mobile app for android and IOs, allows teachers to annotate student Google Classroom submissions and seamlessly return graded work back to students - problem solved!

 Google Classroom and Rocketbook for STEM Classes


Interested in learning more about how Rocketbook can integrate with your classroom? Reach out to Maggie Robbins, Rocketbook’s Education Advisor. Maggie has been using the Rocketbook in her classroom for several years.  Here is her tutorial to help you get started using the Google Classroom mobile app to annotate student Rocketbook assignments.

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Danna Harris
Danna Harris

I am a teacher and got my first Rocketbook yesterday. I need more help on how to send to Google Classroom. Do I have to create an assignment first in GC in order to send a scanned doc? I tried to send a test page to my classroom and I got the spinning wheel of “thinking” for a good 30 seconds and then it said that it was shared but didn’t take me to the classroom to select a class or assignment.

I’m also wondering how you annotate so nicely on students work if you don’t have a touch screen.

If I get a free template, there is no way to incorporate it into my fusion notebook. I feel like I’m missing something there.

Thank you for your advice. We are most likely going to a partial in-house schedule and then partial e-learning in the fall. I have just discovered this and think it would be a great tool for my kids, especially my kids with organization issues.

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