If Your To-Do List Could Talk...

...What would it say?

When was the last time you sat down and had an honest conversation with your to-do list? If you’re having trouble remembering, it may be time to get out your notebook or smartphone to revisit your last to-do-listing efforts.

We know that lists are inanimate objects, but we thought it’d be fun to imagine what your to-do list may be thinking the next time you get around to digging it out of your desk drawer. So, without further ado, if your to-do list could talk, here’s what it might say:


“Stop Ghosting Me — It’s Rude!”

We’ve all been there: things start out strong, then for some reason fizzle out to … Nothing. Being ghosted never feels good. So why do you subject your to-do list to that sort of treatment? Just imagine the pain your abandoned to-do list must be feeling.

The Solution

Sporadic check-ins are no good. A to-do list is something that needs to be cared for and nurtured. Check-in daily and make sure you’re updating it regularly. To-do lists are not static lists, they constantly evolve — just like you!


“Make Time For Me”

There’s 24 hours in a day, but sometimes it feels like less. And checking your to-do list can get pushed to the bottom of your…well, to-do list.

The Solution

The best way to make sure you’re giving your to-do list the love it deserves is to actually schedule time in your calendar or daily schedule. Early in the morning is great, or maybe just before you go to bed so that you can plan your next day. Whenever it may be, set aside some dedicated time to go over your goals and all the tasks that will get you there. For just five minutes a day, remove all distractions and give your to-do list some one on one attention.


“Stay Motivated — You Got This”

Tasks are typically easier said than done. Writing down goals is one thing, but actually reaching them is a whole other issue.

The Solution

To avoid losing sight of what you really want to accomplish, try writing down the reasons along with each goal. Why do you want to clean out the garage? To transform it into a home gym? To donate unnecessary belongings to thrift stores? To make room for an awesome new car? Whatever your reasons may be, document them and remind yourself of them constantly. You and your to-do list are both probably aware of a few pesky items that never seem to get checked off. Ask yourself why, then get to work on a concrete plan to finally accomplish those tasks!



Revisiting your to-do list after a long hiatus can be intimidating. You may feel guilty for losing track of your goals and abandoning your initial efforts. But the great thing about to-do lists is that they are a tool to help you prioritize and accomplish your goals. Plus, they’ll never judge you. They will always be there, waiting for you to pick them up and start listing. All you have to do is show up for your to-do list … or, rather, show up for yourself. In the end, they’re one in the same. Bet you didn’t expect this little blog post to get so deep did you? Well it did. Now go get to-do-ing.

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