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Meet Reusable Sticky Notes!

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Reusable Sticky Notes by Rocketbook


Today we launched our 10th crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter - and this time we reinvented the Sticky Note! Rocketbook Sticky Notes not only have the same wipe-to-erase pen and paper technology as our other products, they’re also restickable! Don’t worry, we tested it and you can restick these stickies thousands of times! See for yourself… 

We built this item because it was the most requested product by our superfans for years - we’re excited for you to check it out!

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How Our Team Uses Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes

Our Kickstarter Campaign is still just getting started, but members of the Rocketbook team have already gotten their hands on sample products, and they're wasting no time putting them to use! 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sticking and re-sticking our new Reusable Sticky Notes on everything we can find to put the versatility of these powerful little squares to the test. We’re all using the notes a bit differently to fit our own needs, but one thing we all love is how durable these sticky notes are — they don’t rip and they don’t curl.

We asked Rocketbook employees how they're using Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes, here's what they told us: 

Steven - Head of Product

Steven summarizes action items from notes in his Rocketbook Pro, then places them on his computer monitor to keep them front and center. 

Using Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes

Emily - Customer Support

Emily and Hank (our mannequin mascot) use Rocketbook Sticky Notes to supercharge their event planning sessions. Once they're done, they scan their notes to the cloud and wipe them clean for their next meeting - no waste created. 

Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes on Whiteboard

Sarita - Product Development

Sarita uses Rocketbook Reusable Sticky notes to leave friendly reminders for hungry coworkers (looking at you, Hank). 

Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes for Organization

Peter - Customer Support

Peter utilizes Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes while he studies for classes on his down time, highlighting important details to review later. 

Studying with Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes

Andie - Marketing

Andie keeps a Rocketbook Reusable Sticky note on her laptop so she can track her daily to-do's, wherever she's working. 

To-Do Lists with Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes

Malissa - Marketing

Malissa takes advantage of the Multi-Purpose Case to bring her Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes with her on the go. 

Notes on the Go with Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes


What parts of your life with Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes transform? Be sure to back this product on Kickstarter before the end of May!

Explore Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes on Kickstarter >

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