Keep Track of Your Holiday Planning with Rocketbook

Organize your holiday shopping plans!dz

Since the holidays are frantic with shopping, wrapping, and celebrating, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help calm things down, here’s a guide on how to keep track of your holiday planning with a Rocketbook notebook!

In four easy steps, you can launch into the holidays with (inter)stellar organization!

Color code by different groups of people you’re planning on purchasing gifts for. Don’t forget about family members, friends, coworkers, teachers, dogs, etc.

After creating a few shopping lists in your Rocketbook notebook, use the Rocketbook app to send scans to your email, google drive, dropbox, the north pole, etc. The app will pick up any color coding you use, so make your list as detailed and colorful as you’d like!

After you’ve scanned, decide where you want to send your shopping list to for safe storage. If others will be helping you with shopping, you can text your scan directly to their cell phone! If you keep things organized in a Holiday dropbox folder, consider sending it there. The possibilities are endless.

Speaking of endless…the best part about Rocketbook notebooks? Your notes can be immediately erased with water and used endlessly. Once you’ve scanned and sent your gifting list to the cloud, erase and start working on your next holiday to-do list!

Master holiday planning in 4 easy steps!


Follow this guide to spend less time stressing, and more time baking cookies, lighting candles, or lying in bed and doing nothing all day…we all celebrate in our own way. Happy Holidays!


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