Rocketboard: A New Digital Universe for Whiteboards

Rocketboard: A New Digital Universe for Whiteboards

Posted by Andie Missert on December 6, 2018. 

Ready to turn your regular whiteboard into something AWESOME? Meet Rocketboard! Now on Kickstarter, Rocketboard comprises of 4 peel and stick beacons that connect your current whiteboard with the Rocketbook app. Simply attach them to the corners of the whiteboard, scan your brainstorm session with our app, and send to the cloud immediately! Your whiteboard just became digitally savvy, and only for a couple of bucks. Check out the full product in this feature video with Rocketbook's founders.  

Rocketboard beacons are compatible with any existing whiteboard, and can be used again and again. Educators can transform classroom whiteboards so that students can scan lessons with their Rocketbook app and organize as they see fit. Likewise, conference rooms and corporate offices can now take collaboration to a new level.

 Check out our Kickstarter campaign and pre-order your Rocketboard today. Order a single Rocketboard set, or up to 50! Pricing options shown below. 

Rocketboard Pricing Options

*Please note Rocketboard is only sold on Kickstarter right now.

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