Rocket Labs 006: Sticky Tabs for Organization

Rocket Labs 006: Sticky Tabs for Organization

Rocket Labs is a collection of hacks, tips, and tricks on how to better use Rocketbook products. Every Rocket Lab submission is from a real customer who came up with and shared their great ideas with us.

Hi, I’m Susan Schardt from Allentown Pennsylvania and I’ve been using Rocketbook for 4 years. I manage clinical trials for new drug development. My Rocketbook is always on my desk and ready for jotting meeting notes. When I’m not working my two Greyhounds keep me busy while I’m in my garden.

Susan’s Rocketbook Notebook of choice: The Rocketbook Orbit!

Click to check out the Orbit!

Today’s Lab: Tabs for Organization

Here’s Susan putting her own idea to good use:

Tabs can be used to denote the last page or multiple sections.

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