Think Board X Powered by Rocketbook is Here

Think Board X Powered by Rocketbook is Here

Posted by Andie Missert on September 11, 2018

We’re back at it again! If you loved our past crowdfunding campaigns, you’re mind is going to be blown by this one. Introducing Think Board X Powered By Rocketbook! We’re joining forces with our friends over at Think Board to bring you something that will bring your brainstorming, creativity and productivity to the next level.

Think Board X is a peel and stick whiteboard that can cover any smooth surface. And the best part? It’s compatible with the Rocketbook App! Draw, sketch, or take notes on a small 8" x 11" Think Board X or large 2' x 3'Think Board X and then use your Rocketbook App to send them to your preferred cloud service. Ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, college dorms, office environments, or the person who just likes to keep organized in his or her personal life - Think Board X is here to keep you productive and on track.

Check out the Think Board X Kickstarter Campaign here.

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