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Frixion Pen (3 Pack)

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$ 9.00
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3-Pack of Pilot FriXion pens.


* Vibrant, erasable FriXion gel ink pends
* Designed for FriXion Ball and FriXion Clicker.
* 0.7mm fine tip
* Write, scan, and reuse with your Rocketbook Notebook.

    Rocket Innovations pen Black Frixion Pen (3 Pack) meta:{"Pack Type":"Black"} Rocket Innovations pen Black/Blue/Red Frixion Pen (3 Pack) meta:{"Pack Type":"Black/Blue/Red"} Rocket Innovations pen Pink/Purple/Light Blue Frixion Pen (3 Pack) meta:{"Pack Type":"Pink/Purple/Light Blue"} meta:{"Pack Type":"Green/Purple/Light Blue"}