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Rocketbook Cloud Cards

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Rocketbook Cloud Cards are reusable index cards built for the digital age. Like all other index cards, these are 3” x 5”. Unlike all other index cards, Cloud Cards work with the Rocketbook app to be automatically turned into a digital pop-quiz for late night learning or practicing a presentation. Remember, the innovative synthetic paper allows you to write smoothly with a Pilot FriXion pen, then magically wipe your pages clean with a damp cloth to reuse again and again. With lines on one side and a dot-grid on the other, Cloud Cards conform to your note-taking needs. So get your head out of the clouds, and into the future of index cards!
40 Pack:3 in x 5 in / 40 black 80 Pack:3 in x 5 in / 40 black / 40 green * Lined and Dot-Grid layout on front and back for a personalized studying experience * Rocketbook app automatically transforms your flashcards into a digital pop-quiz * Made from patented, tear-resistant technology with a lightweight construction for convenient durability * Works with any Pilot FriXion pen, marker or highlighter for smooth writing * Pages are erasable with included microfiber cloth and Pilot FriXion pen for endless reuse * Scan, save, and send your notes to the cloud for online reference
You can’t play poker with these cards, but you can improve your mental fitness, strengthen your memory, and prepare for presentations. Studying with old, dusty index cards can cloud your judgement. Instead, save your studying by scanning with the Rocketbook app, which automatically creates and organizes a pop-quiz on your phone and sends your notes to the cloud to use whenever you need them. Let’s see a Jack of Hearts do that!

    The Rocketbook App


    Write using any Pilot Frixion™ pen


    Scan your pages to save for later using the free Rocketbook app


    The Rocketbook app connects to all of your favorite cloud services


    Wipe the pages clean to reuse again and again

    Get The App!

    Our app for iOS and Android beams your notes and big ideas to the cloud services you already use!