Rocketbook Everlast

Just In Time For School

The Endlessly Reusable Digital Notebook

Teachers, students, and parents love the futuristic power of the Rocketbook Everlast notebook! Download the Rocketbook app and send your work to the cloud services you already use. Then, erase and reuse your Rocketbook over and over again!

Two Great Options

Rocketbook is for the classroom AND on the go! The standard Everlast comes in two convenient sizes for the desk setting. And don't forget to throw the Mini in your pocket for teaching and learning in the wild!

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$ 0.99

This is product title

$ 0.99

How Rocketbook Works





Jot down your notes, list your to-do’s, or sketch your next big idea.

Every Rocketbook comes with a Pilot FriXion pen! Write and sketch on the futuristic pages, just as you would with any other ordinary notebook.


Scan your pages using the free Rocketbook app for Apple or Android

Use the app to capture, organize, and even improve the quality of your Rocketbook pages in beautiful JPGs, PDFs, and animated GIFs!


Connect the Rocketbook app with the cloud services you already use and love!

You can set up Destinations in the app to easily and automatically beam your work to the cloud and stay organized!


Wipe your Rocketbook pages clean and use over and over!

Even though the Everlast feels like writing in a regular notebook, use the Rocketbook microfiber cloth to erase your work and start again!

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What are people saying about rocketbook?

Marilyn on Amazon says...

This is absolutely brilliant! As a teacher, this is wonderful to take down notes of meetings, notes for my students, or simply write my calendar events! It's a great investment and you won't regret it! I'll be sharing with my colleagues as well.

Jackie Shafer from Facebook says...

I just learned of rocketbook in April. I model math problems for my 4th grade students almost daily. I am now uploading the rocketbook pages to my google classroom. Then parents and students can access google classroom to see how how problems are completed.

@MsKimMartin from Twitter says...

I gave my second PD on #techtips today with a group of very excited teachers and what did I start off with? @getRocketbook of course! DUH! (And I may have bought an extra one afterwards because I may be obsessed with mine...) 🤓 #RocketBook #LNESProud

Dasan McDonald from Facebook says...

I am using it in my room, 8th grade math, and love it. I started by allowing the students to use their phones to scan and will be using Samsung tablets for students who do not have phones. Next year my entire team will be using Rocketbook in our classroom. We are going to try using the Everlast and the Rocketbook One to see which one we like better.

Paul Long Jr from Kickstarter says...

Received a couple of weeks ago and finally got a good excuse to use them over last weekend while doing school work. I had some math homework for college that I wrote up. I had a little trouble working out using the app (next time I'll watch the video) but it worked well, I emailed the images to myself then edited the pictures and sent them in to 

“If you're looking for a notebook that will last forever, the Rocketbook Everlast is about as close as you can get.”

“If note-taking is a large part of your day… consider investing in this smart notebook from Rocketbook.”

“Helps bridge that analog and digital divide by letting you sync your handwritten notes with an app on your phone.”

Perfect for School

FInally, something students and teachers agree on! Use our notebooks and app to organize your notes by class, project, or lesson plan. Digitize your work flow and avoid carrying around multiple, heavy notebooks that crowd your bag!

It’s easy to use and takes only minutes to set up.