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Every classroom is unique and Rocketbook is designed to support the individual needs of your students. Explore your educator's discount to create the ultimate learning experience.


It can be difficult to combine handwriting with the digital age. Seemlessly connect notes, assignments, and more to the cloud with Rocketbook.

Gone are the days of using a different notebook for every subject. One Rocketbook notebook can solve for X-we mean for multiple classes.

An average school uses 360,000 sheets of paper every year. Rocketbook notebooks are endlessly resuable.


Did you know that all educators receive a 30% wholesale discount? Create any combination of Rocketbook notebooks & accessories that works for your classroom, school, or district


Mr. Johnson wants to make it easier for students to turn in homework and keep track of assignments. He buys Rocketbook Fusions for his class of 26, as well as extra pens for the students.

30 Rocketbook Fusion
(Letter Size, Midnight Blue)
30 3-Packs of pens

$1260 $882 after EDU Discount


Keeping teachers and staff organized has been a key goal for Principal Hernandez. With Rocketbook, the whole school can stay connected, in any class and any situation. 

300 Rocketbook Core
(Executive Size, Terrestrial Green)
200 3-Packs of pens
25 Sets of Beacons

$11,375 $7,962 after EDU Discount


Superintendent Angela created a budget to help staff be more productive over the next school year. Part of her plan includes using Rocketbook notebooks and their accessories across the district.

300 Rocketbook Flip
(Letter Size, Deep Space Gray)
300 Flip Capsules
(Letter Size, Gray)
150 Pen Packs

$19,350 $13,545 after EDU Discount


Need something special? We can create just about anything you can imagine. Bundles, books, accessories. Contact one of our team members today to launch your Rocketbook journey to the stars, and top grades.

The classroom has evolved.
So should your tools.

The classroom has evolved.
So should your tools.

See What Real Edu Pros Think

The free Rocketbook app for iOS and Android seamlessly integrates with many of the cloud services your school already utilizes.

"The beauty of Rocketbook is that it can help bridge the gap between accessibility to resources. Students can still do the work, and just upload it all later when they have access to a device."
-Dr. Sally Creel
District Admin - STEM & Innovation at Cobb County Schools

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