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We imagine an infinite future that links cognitive and digital worlds. By creating solutions that evolve the way we capture and share ideas, we help change the universe at the speed of light. We believe fearless customer-driven innovation will always launch our greatest adventure, so we create tools that help our fellow explorers discover the ideas of tomorrow. 

Save your notes. Save the planet.

Did you know you will consume a whole tree in your lifetime if you use traditional notebooks? Hear us out… the average tree produces 10,000 sheets of paper, which is about 100 standard 1-subject notebooks.

8 college semesters
5 subjects
40 notebooks

52 work weeks
10 meetings per week
5 notebooks

5 Star Wars Screenplay Drafts
200 pages each
10 notebooks

2 years NASA Astronaut
training program
10,000 notebooks

Why Rocketbook?

We believe big ideas don’t have to be single-use. And thanks to the limitless digital age, our thoughts can now be organized and shared with the power of the cloud. But that doesn’t mean the most important part of cognition, the original handwritten note, has to leave a paper trail. While Rocketbook never set out to save the planet, with your help we can all do our part and save A LOT of waste.

We promise to keep making awesome products and apps that you love - and make you smarter. Help us save our Earth by reusing your stuff!

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Save your notes. Save the planet.


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