Shipping Information

Is Rocketbook fulfilling orders and shipping products?

Yes, absolutely! But please note that we do not ship orders on weekends or holidays. 

How long will it take for my package to be processed?

All orders on are currently being processed in 3-4 business days. However, this does not necessarily mean you will receive your package in 3-4 days.

How long will it take for my package to be delivered?

After we process your package, it is sent to the UPS for shipping, UPS works in collaboration with USPS for final delivery of your package. Unfortunately, we do not have control over  shipping times, so you may experience delays due to COVID-19 and seasonality. While we can’t control the USPS’s delivery time, we can assure you that we are doing everything we can.

For the most up to date information on the UPS, please visit their site here: 

I'm having trouble tracking my shipment to Canada, what should I do?

Shipments to Canada go through DHL, please take the tracking number from your order shipped email and check the status here

What stores can I find Rocketbook products at?

Please check out our Store Finder page to locate the retailer closest to you that sells Rocketbook products: 

Who can I contact with questions about my order?

The Rocketbook team is available to answer all product and shipping-related questions. Here’s some ways to get in touch:


All orders ship from Massachusetts, United States (postal code 01238)

Purchases sent outside the United States may be assessed local taxes, duties, etc. upon arrival. The shipping firm that delivers the package may likewise impose additional brokerage fees or other surcharges as part of the customs and tax process. The recipient is responsible for paying all duties, taxes, fees, and international costs. Please review your country's import laws and fees before placing your order. If a shipment is lost, abandoned, or you refuse a shipment due to the local taxes or duties not being paid, Rocketbook will not issue you a refund for your order. Orders can be delayed due to verification or time of order being placed. Orders may be delivered in separate shipments.

Where We Ship is Rocketbook's website primarily for the United States and Canada. However, does ship to all countries except The Russian Federation, Ghana, Nigeria, Iran, and North Korea. To see where Rocketbook products are sold internationally, please visit this page