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Rocketbook Orbit Capsule

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$ 24.99
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$ 24.99
Color — Black

The official folio for the Rocketbook Orbit provides the style and protection it deserves with our uniquely designed, 100% recycled covers. The Orbit Capsule is equipped with a freshly designed metal clasp, pen dock, inside pockets, and multiple card slots to hold all your mission-critical supplies. The lightweight, sleek, and durable construction of the Orbit Capsule ensures your notes are protected for even the wildest of spacewalks.


Letter Size: 10.75 x 13.5 x 1 in (Fits Letter Orbit)
Executive Size: 8.25 x 11.25 x 1 in (Fits Executive Size Orbit) * Uniquely designed to fit the Rocketbook Orbit * Made from 100% recycled materials (PET) for guilt-free note-taking * Washable, lightweight, and durable for your notes’ protection * Magnetic clasp for easy access * Includes a pen dock, inside pocket, and multiple card slots for all your mission-critical supplies
We care about our notebooks. That’s why we built the Capsule to protect your Orbit (and your notes) for eons and eons. The Orbit Capsule is specifically designed to snuggly hold your Orbit while providing extra compartments for extra Page Packs and other important accoutrements.
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