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Pen Station

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The Rocketbook Pen Station is a super handy notebook pen holder that secures your pen to your reusable notebook or planner. Simple yet effective, this elastic pen holder keeps your preferred Pilot FriXion pen accessible while ensuring that it never gets lost again. The plastic platform is durable yet ultra-thin—don’t worry about any bumps or blockage on your writing surface. The stealthy, low-profile design keeps your Rocketbook sleek and sophisticated and prevents hang-ups from other objects in your bag. An ideal companion to the Rocketbook Core and any other notebook, this nifty accessory combines form and function flawlessly. 

Note: The Pen Station is still undergoing microwave testing. Use caution with the Rocketbook Wave.

  • Notebook pen holder secures your Plot FriXion pen to your Rocketbook
  • Low-profile design for comfortable, unrestricted writing
  • Plastic platform is durable and ultra-thin
  • Use with caution when microwaving the Rocketbook Wave

Little details can make a big difference. The Pen Station is a practical upgrade that Rocketbook fans love. Pens get lost—that’s just a fact of life. This add-on keeps your Pilot passenger on board at all times.

    A close view of the front and back of the Pen Station notebook pen holder The Pen Station elastic pen holder holding a Pilot FriXion pen The Pen Station attached to a Rocketbook reusable notebook A GIF showing how a pen slides into the Pen Station A GIF showing various pens being secured to different Rocketbook notebooks A GIF of a person spinning a Rocketbook and removing a pen from the Pen Station
    Rocketbook pen station attached to a notebook


    Here at Rocketbook, we’re always looking for new ways to revolutionize writing as we know it. From our reusable notebooks and planners to our accessories, every product we create is designed to elevate your workflow while reducing paper waste to save the planet. Join the movement!


    Like all Rocketbook products, our Pen Station is guaranteed to please! That’s why we provide free returns or replacements to ensure your complete satisfaction. U.S. orders of $50+ include free shipping, so go ahead and stock up on everything you need to embrace the paperless future. Get organized with this fantastic elastic pen holder!

    GIF of a pen going into the pen station

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