20+ Holiday Hack for Each Everyday Planner Page

Happy holidays, now start planning.

Let’s start with a quote by Robert Burns:

“The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.”

So whether you’ve made holiday plans to not eat an exorbitant amount of apple pie or personal plans to start a new workout regiment on January 1, those plans will probably–as Robert suggested–go awry.


That’s why we’ve created this list of 20+ use cases for the Everyday Planner template. Use these use cases to help keep to your plans this holiday season and into the new year. Of course, if you eat too much apple pie or forget to exercise, the Everyday Planner’s undated and erasable pages make that a non-issue. Merry Planning!

3-Month Overview

3-Month Overview


  • Set Some Resolutions: Start the new year off right with some categorical resolutions. Pick some concrete goals, write them down, and stick to them! (Or don’t stick to them, erase, and adjust. That’s perfectly fine, too).


  • Be a Therapist: Let’s say you’ve got 124,293 elves working for you. And with the holidays coming up, they’re working overtime. Talk to them and keep notes on the stressors in their life to make sure they feel supported. This might be a very specific use case to one person, now that we think about it.


  • Keep a Record: Use the 3-Month Overview to look back on your progress in each category. After each month, reflect on your major accomplishments and what you’re grateful for in each section. You’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside like you just put on a brand new pair of winter socks.


(1 of the 4) Year Pages


  • Plan 2022’s Holidays: The end of the year takes a lot of prep work. So get a head start on next year by filling in important dates or big family events.


  • Wish Happy Birthday: Everyone has their own special holiday: their birthday. Fill in the birthdays of everyone in your life so you never forget to say those hallowed well-wishing words. And yes, unfortunately, you still have to send a card.


(1 of 3) Monthly Spreads


  • Learn to Play the Harp: Use the focus section and the rest of the monthly page to set realistic timelines on what you want to accomplish in the next 30 days. (Is the harp a holiday instrument? It really seems like it is.)


  • Schedule Your Work Life: Returning to work after the holiday break. is tough. A little planning makes it less tough. Keep track of meetings, deadlines, and important to-dos. Never miss a meeting again (even that Monday morning with Greg you keep “accidentally” forgetting about).


  • Join a Book Club: Need to finish a book by a deadline? Map out a reading schedule based on your read speed to stay on track. Set page goals for each week, or just aim to read a certain amount of days per week. Or there’s always the back up plan: watch the movie.


(1 of 6) Weekly Spreads


  • Plan Your Hawaiian Holidays: You’ve heard of Christmas in July. How about Christmas in Hawaii? Plan a week-long vacation to go somewhere warm this winter and have something fun to do every morning, afternoon, and evening. Literally–the Week pages are split into 3 sections for easy visual organization.


  • Meal Plan Merrily: Schedule your meals for the week to make the holiday season less stressful. Use the layout of the Week pages to go all out and map out your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yum, yum, holiday fun.



(1 of 4) List Pages


  • Cook Holiday Hors D’oeuvres: If you’re cooking up Roast Beast or something else, list the ingredients on these pages. Then, scan with the Rocketbook app to activate Smart Lists. Wow, now you’ve got an interactive grocery list on your phone and are the coolest person at the grocery store.


  • Be a Gifting Guru: Sitting around the tree with your family on Christmas morning is the wrong time to realize you never ordered your Mom’s gift this year. Stay vigilant with your gifting by creating a gift list you can scan and edit on your phone. Learn more about how to use Smart Lists for the holidays here.


  • Get After Goals: The first step to achieving any goal is writing it down. The first step to achieving multiple goals is writing them all down. So list out the goals you want to accomplish in the next week/month/year and check back with the list as you complete them for the satisfying check-off!

Custom Table

(1 of 4) Custom Table Pages


  • Keep the Family Together: What better way to use the Custom Table page than to plan the holiday dinner table seating arrangements. Map out your table and make sure to keep Uncle Aaron away from Grandma Bertha so we don’t have the same disaster as last year. Let’s just move on.


  • Resolute to Get Fit: The classic New Year’s Resolution is achievable…create a table to track your workouts. And if you don’t get to it, no judgement. Erase the page and start again the next month. Or the next month. Or the next — you get it. See our fitness tracker guide here.


  • Map Out Your Class Schedule: For easy reference, copy your weekly class schedule to your planner so you don’t need to use up space on the Week pages and so you always have it handy. Now, you’ll never miss class again (at least, not accidentally).



(1 of 12) Lined Pages
  • Keep a Diary: “Tonight, I roasted chestnuts by the open fire.” “This morning, Jack Frost was nipping at our nose”. Those are some holiday memories you don’t want to forget. So write, scan, and send them to your cloud destination of choice to create a digital journal.


  • Write Your Novel: Start writing the chapters of your novel by hand. When you have some chapters ready to go, you can scan, transcribe, and upload them online for easy editing. Imagine if Charles Dickens had that power!


  • Scrap Notes: Quick notes-to-self or reminders or small calculations can be perfectly done on lined pages. No need to take up a full sheet of paper for writing down an address…or 7.7 billion addresses if you happen to have a lot of deliveries to make this December.



(1 of 5) Dot-Grid Pages


  • Design Clothes: The best holiday gift is one made with love…or at least made by you. Sketch your ideas for a new dress or outfit using the subtle guide of a dot-grid page. And remember–this isn’t Project Runway, so you can take your time (and erase if you need).


  • Storyboard Home Alone 7: Use the subtle guide of the dot-grid to help sketch out the scenes of your video. If you don’t like where the movie is going, just erase the page and start over, we won’t tell. (Yes, there’s been 6 Home Alones already).


  • Create Art: Sometimes a blank page is intimidating. Use the dot-grid as a subtle aid for sizing or perspective in your art. Draw a snowman or a candy cane or literally anything else.

Planner Party

There’s many more ways to use each of the Everyday Planner’s undated, reusable pages to your notetaking advantage. For instance, each page has a built in Title Bar where you can write what you want your files to be named automatically when you scan with the Rocketbook app.

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