25+ Page Pack Use Cases

Improve your workflow with modularity.

Our notebooks have evolved! They’ve transported to the future! The metaphor isn’t important. What is important is that the new Rocketbook Pro — in addition to its sleek look and feel — is equipped with Page Packs.

Page Packs are removable sets of pages consisting of 20 sheets (40 pages, back and front) that can be swapped in and out of the Pro notebook. Each Page Pack is held together by metal rings and click into place on the Pro for seamless swapping.


The modularity of the Pro is one of its biggest assets. The ability to swap out Page Packs gives you access to any style of notetaking, all at once. It’s like owning 10 different notebooks. Except instead of buying 10, you just need one and it’s endlessly reusable and has an app and looks badass and — should we go on?


With 10 different Page Packs to choose from, there’s endless ways to use the Pro’s modularity to propel your productivity. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of use cases for every Page Pack offered with the Pro…


1. Monthly + Weekly Planner

Monthly + Weekly Planner Page Pack
  • Schedule Your Work Week: Keep track of meetings, deadlines, and important to-dos. Never miss a meeting again (even that Monday morning with Greg you keep “accidentally” forgetting about).
  • Learn to Play Guitar: Use the goal-setting pages are for setting realistic timelines on what you want to accomplish in the next few months.
  • Plan Meals for a Month: Organize some meal prep for the month ahead. Include meals for each week, plan trips for ingredients, and use the extra space for a grocery list.

2. Graph Paper

Graph Page Pack
  • Build a Front Yard: Map out your ideal front yard landscaping with bushes, hedges, and flowers down to the exact inch.
  • Draw a Circuit Diagram: While drawing a circuit diagram, use the graph paper to keep your lines “parallel” (or in series 😉 ).
  • Graph an Equation: Sketch out a quadratic formula with perfectly rounded curves for math homework (or just for fun).


3. Lined Pages

Lined Page Pack
  • Keep Patient Notes: Meet with a patient and take notes. Then scan your notes to save them digitally and erase.
  • Get an A+ in History: Take notes for every class in a single notebook and scan those notes for easy studying.


4. Daily/To-Do

Daily/To-Do Page Pack
  • Stay Focused: Use the to-do list to take surprise meetings and urgent deadlines in stride and keep your priorities straight.
  • Maintain Work/Life Balance: Use 2 pages at once! Keep work to-dos and personal to-dos on separate daily pages for a healthy work/life separation.


5. Dot-Grid

Dot-Grid Page Pack
  • Build a Lesson Plan: Teachers can practice sketching out their abstract class notes like a cell diagram or a Venn-diagram so it’s classroom ready.
  • Storyboard a Video: Use the subtle guide of the dot-grid to help sketch out the scenes of your video. If you don’t like where the movie is going, just erase the page and start over, we won’t tell.
  • Create Art: Sometimes a blank page is intimidating. Use the dot-grid as a subtle aid for sizing or perspective in your art.


6. Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes Page Pack
  • Be a Team Leader: Record notes in a company meeting, then upload those notes for everyone to access with the Rocketbook app.
  • Become an Expert: Attend seminars and write down what you find interesting. The act of writing will improve your memory but you’ll also be able to refer to the details later.


7. Health + Fitness

Health + Fitness Page Pack
  • Become a Workout Expert: Create a library of exercises with info on what muscles they target. With this library, you’ll slowly build up a wealth of fitness knowledge (instead of late fees).
  • Do 100 Push Ups: Work towards a goal of hitting a fitness milestone by tracking your daily progress.
  • Get Better Sleep: Use the built-in sleep tracker to figure out how your fitness routine impacts your Zzzz’s.


8. Blank

Blank Page Pack
  • Engineer a Notebook: This is the Page Pack of choice for our head product engineer, Vince, who helped build the Pro. He even sketched the original Pen Pool designs on a Blank Page Pack!
  • On-the-Fly Notes: Quick notes-to-self or reminders or small calculations can be perfectly done on blank pages. No need to take up a full sheet of paper for writing down an address.
  • Meditate: Stare into the blank canvass of emptiness to get lost for hours on end in your own thoughts. No writing required.


9. Dungeons & Dragons

  • Create an NPC: Keep track of impromptu NPCs, like when a player walks into a tavern and talks to a barkeep. “Invent” the barkeep and keep track of their traits.
  • Remember Adventure Notes: Record what happens during an adventure while it’s happening like, for example, if a player goes to retrieve a merchant’s horse.
  • Organize Loot: Keep a detailed list of the game’s loot, transactions, and items without missing a beat.


10. Cornell

  • Make Some Money: With class notes this perfect, you’ll be able to sell your scans come exam time. Or be a team player and share them for free.
  • Memorize a Speech: Prepare a speech by matching “cues” to detailed talking points for prepared, but not memorized speech. For extra public speaking thrust, use the summary section to wrap up your thoughts.


Page Pack Pandemonium

This knowledge can be powerful for your productivity, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s many more ways to use each of the Pro Page Packs to your notetaking advantage.

Remember to pair up different Page Packs and swap them in and out throughout the day for a versatile notetaking experience. Also, make the most of the Pro’s modularity by keeping the page your writing on as the very top page.


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