3 Best Times To Erase Your Planner

Don’t feel bad about erasing your plans.

Now that you’ve got so much planned, there’s hardly any time to sit down and erase your Rocketbook Panda Planner. Or rather, you’ve found the time to erase your planner, but are anxious about when it’s a good time to do it. After all, you don’t want to lose important to-do’s, notes, and events by erasing too early. Fear not, follow our instructions to find the perfect time to erase your planner.

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Depending on your planning style, pick one of these three options to find your ideal erasing strategy. This way you’ll always have room for new plans and never feel worried about erasing too soon!

  1. REFRESH: Erase at the end of a set planning timeline.
  2. ON THE GO: Erase with whimsy, as plans come and go.
  3. GET DIGITAL: Erase after scanning and saving your plans.


Keeping old plans around can be a bad thing. If you didn’t follow through with your plans, anxiety and guilt can set in. On the other hand, if you hit all your planning goals, you might grow complacent and stunt your personal growth. Avoid both these pitfalls by using a microfiber towel like that flashy memory-erase device in Men In Black to refresh not only your planner, but your mental clutter.

End of the Week

If you’re using the weekly sections of the Rocketbook Panda Planner, erase your planner each Sunday night. This gives you the time to plan the week ahead and allows you to let go of anything holding you back from the week before.

End of the Month

If you’re using the monthly sections of the Rocketbook Panda Planner, erase your planner on the last day of the month. This gives you a chance to reflect on the past month while getting excited about the next 30 days. Heading into a new, clean month is like time traveling, but without the consequences of disrupting the time-space continuum.

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Events get canceled, plans move around. With a boring, rigid planner you’d be stuck to your old plans and forced to live out a false reality (okay, that’s dramatic, but you get it). With a dynamic, erasable planner you become a tactical planning ninja who can adjust schedules on the fly to make things work no matter the situation. Hi-ya!


No need to wait until the end of your planning timeline to erase. If things come up during the week or someone cancels, erase that time slot in your planner and replace it. Cross outs are a thing of the past! Keep things tidy by erasing old plans so no one will ever know they were there (just like a ninja).

During a Vacation

Suppose you're vacationing in Italy and discover a museum you planned on visiting has closed. Now your whole planner is outdated…false! Your planner is undated, which means you can use your ninja skills to push back your museum visit or skip it altogether. You’re the karate kid of erasable planners: ink on, ink off!

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You might be thinking “erasing my planner robs me of the chance to look back at past events and goals and as a time capsule of my life”. That’s true unless you use the Rocketbook app to scan any important plans you’d like to preserve. Once you’ve saved your plans digitally, it’s time to erase them physically.

Before Some Errands

Scan the day’s schedule and send it to yourself to refer to on the go. If you went to space without instructions on how to fly a spaceship, you’d end up stranded among the stars. If you went to the grocery store without a shopping list and a reminder to mail some letters, you’d end up having to come back home to check your planner. The stakes aren’t quite the same, but still. Then, erase your planner to make room for your next mission.

After A Meeting

We recommend scanning your work schedule and task lists because a lot of planning goes into each workweek. Save the scans for future reference or send them to a colleague. Then, erase all those pages to keep things neat and clean.

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Plan, Plan, Plan. Erase, Erase, Erase.

With all these options for when to erase your planner in your back pocket, there’s no reason to feel guilty about ridding yourself of old schedules. If you’re ready to move on from past plans and start fresh, erase at the end of the week or month. If your planning style is more flexible, erase on the go and keep things dynamic. Or if you aren’t ready to part with your to-do’s, save them digitally while ditching them physically. Not sure of your planning style? Mix it up and test out different erasing strategies for the Rocketbook Panda Planner.

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