3 Mini Notebook Hacks

Big things come in mini packages.

At some point in your life, you’ve probably owned a mini notepad-one of those small, spiral notebooks made for quick little notes. But you most likely have never used it for anything else; after all, it seems like taking notes would be their only purpose. In reality, these mini notebooks can do more! Keep reading to find out how to take your mini notebook to the next level.



1. Daily Planning

If you find yourself juggling a million tasks lately, this hack is for you. Making a daily log helps you remain organized and focused throughout the day. When you feel overwhelmed, take a step back (not literally) and look at your daily spread for guidance. Here are some ideas to include in your daily spread:

  • Today’s Date
  • Today’s Focus: What is the number one thing you want to get done?
  • Water/Sleep Tracker: Remember to stay hydrated and well-rested
  • To-do List: Limit yourself to an attainable number of tasks
  • Notes: For random thoughts and lists


2. Habit Tracking

A habit tracker is a simple table or diagram used to record good (and bad) habits. Whether done daily, weekly, or monthly, it can help you stay on top of things and hold yourself accountable as you cultivate good habits. The benefit of having one in your mini notebook is that you can carry it everywhere you go and fill it in whenever you accomplish a habit!



Create a grid to track your habits and as the week progresses, fill in the squares accordingly and visualize how well you’ve been sticking to your habits.

There are countless ways to create a habit tracker, and there is no one way to do it!

Rocketbook Pro-Tip: Use a permanent marker to create your habit tracking template, and fill in your tracker with Pilot FriXion pens. At the end of each week, wipe your habit tracker clean and start fresh! Don’t forget to scan your page before erasing so you can keep track of your weekly progress.

3. Making Lists (of all kinds!)

Do you ever have a random idea that you want to record somewhere? Has a coworker recommended a TV show that you eventually forgot to watch? Or a song that you never ended up saving to Spotify? Your Mini may be just the right place for all the miscellaneous thoughts and lists that you never had a place for.



How can you do this? Simply take a Pilot FriXion pen (or a permanent marker, if you prefer) and make a title for the lists you want to have in your Mini–add hashtags on either side to activate Smart Titles when you scan. Make one list per page. For example, you can have a list just for groceries, or a list for movies and TV shows you want to watch. Maybe even a “Random Thoughts” list! Next time an idea pops in your head, pull out your Mini and jot it down. It will automatically be sorted into one of the lists you have already made!


Rocketbook Pro-Tip: Draw checkboxes next to each item on your list to activate Smart Lists in the Rocketbook App when you scan your notes. 

Stuff Those Stockings!

The Rocketbook Mini (or any mini notebook, for that matter) is proof that big things come in small packages. Use these mini notebook hacks wisely, as with great power comes great reusability. Whoops, we meant responsibility. If you have your own ideas for how to use a notebook in an interesting way, share it with us on social media by tagging us at @GetRocketbook.

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