4 More Rocketbook Hacks from Real Teachers

Teach the kids of the future with tools from the future…again.

When it comes to using Rocketbook in the classroom, the possibilities are infinite. Teachers are always requesting different Rocketbook hacks for the classroom, and last year we provided exclusive tips and tricks for teachers. This year, we just so happened to stumble across 4 more genius hacks to share….


Here’s 3 more expert tips for using Rocketbook notebooks and app in the classroom. Don’t worry, these are tested and proven hacks by teachers that are totally safe to try in your classroom.

  1. Custom Templates: Lesson Plan Like a Pro

1. Custom Templates | Lesson Plan Like a Pro

 Create and laser print custom templates for lesson plans, calendars, and problem sets onto your Rocketbook notebook pages.


Nicole B | Laser-Printed Templates

Disclaimer: Laser-printing on Rocketbook paper can damage your printer if not done properly. We suggest using TerraSlate paper and doing some research in the Rocketbook Users Facebook Group. Rocketbook Pages are not intended to be printed on as is.


Why Teachers Should Use This Hack:

  • If you already have your own template for lesson planning, you can laser print it onto the blank page of a Rocketbook notebook to make it infinitely reusable (and scannable)!


Why Students Should Use This Hack:

  • It’s a quick and easily way to put permanent, customized templates in your Rocketbook notebook for specific classes.
When you add Smart Tags to your scans and send to a Cloud destination, the Smart Tag remains.
  • Come finals season, you’ll have a digitized school year worth of notes to refer back to study from (or share with friends).

2. Beacons | Teach in 2 Classrooms

 Use Beacons to whiteboard notes for a different classroom or before they’re erased.


Allison B | Beacons for Lessons in 2 Classrooms

Why Teachers Should Use This Hack:

  • Share a classroom with another teacher? Before they go and erase your carefully crafted whiteboard notes, scan with the Rocketbook app to save your work.

Bonus Tip: If there are students out sick or staying home, use Snapcast to share whiteboard content remotely. 

3. Google Drive | Share Notes Online

 Share examples of class notes with your students via Google Drive or a class website.


Mr. W | Notetaking Styles in Google Drive

Why Teachers Should Use This Hack:

  • Educators don’t just teach their respective topics, they teach students how to learn. Sharing different methods for notetaking is a great way to accomplish that goal.


*Bonus Hack*

 Create a portable Rocketbook page that allows any student to scan their work, even if they wrote in a typical one-use notebook.


Mr. M | Custom Rocketbook Window


Why Teachers Should Use This Hack:

  • At the end of class, have students save and submit their work as an exit activity.


Keep Calm and Teach On

A special thanks to the awesome teachers who shared their Rocketbook tips with us! We hope these hacks help you make the most of our futuristic note-taking tools. Looking for more useful Rocketbook tips or have other great hacks to share with teachers? Follow us on Facebook and join our Rocketbook Teacher Facebook group.

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