4 Rocketbook Hacks from Real Users

Pro-tips from Rocketbook pros.

We’ve put together some of the most popular Rocketbook Hacks for Rocketbook users from Rocketbook users. Today we’ll be covering 4 of the best tips and tricks we’ve come across. These hacks will launch you into another galaxy of productivity, while still keeping your Rocketbook notebook intact.



Keep reading to get the low down on these high performing hacks:

  1. Secret Note-Taking Hack
  2. Student Work Hack
  3. Interview Notes Hack
  4. Grocery List Hack

(Keep an eye out for our Extreme Hacks blog, for the ultimate Rocketbook mischief makers).

1. Secret Note-Taking Hack

The Hack: Upload important notes to a secure Cloud location, then can simply spray your Rocketbook with water and erase as all that classified info dissolves into space.

⇨ Check out how Joanne Mills, a Rocketbook pro and registered psychologist uses her notebook to save time and paper in her work:

Joanne explains how she uploads client notes to her company’s secure cloud location for easy organization.


Who This Is For

This hack is for people who need to take top-secret notes. The kind you write to remember, upload somewhere secure, and then shred, to never be seen again.

When This Would Come in Handy

  • Patient Notes: For a Mental Health Worker, writing down clients’ experiences is essential to helping them recover, but these notes need to remain classified to protect your clients. This hack guarantees an easy way to destroy the physical notes, without wasting paper. NOTE: The Rocketbook app is not HIPAA compliant.
After scanning, erase your notes. It’s like time traveling to back before you took any notes at all.
  • International Espionage: If you’re a Top-Secret Super Spy, you have a lot of secrets on your hands. We can’t confirm or deny if we know such a spy, but we do know that any intelligence agent would benefit from the quick and easy means of erasing all your notes with just a spritz of water. (Click here for a full guide to erasing your Rocketbook notebook.)


2. Student Organization Hack

The Hack: Assign cloud destinations for every class. Jot down some notes, mark the icon that correlates with the cloud destination you’re sending to, and scan!

⇨ Check out how Tom Hanna, a Rocketbook pro and PhD student uses his notebook to organize his class notes with destination symbols:

Tom explains how he uses different Google Drive folders for each type of notes he takes.


Who This Is For

This hack is for students with a lot of information to take in every single day. From quadratic formulas to the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, class notes can get scrambled into a big informational black hole if you’re not organized.

When This Would Come in Handy:

  • Checking Work: Your first swing at an assignment isn’t usually your best work. Having a classmate take a second look can offer valuable feedback. The ability to easily share handwritten work via the Cloud with a fellow student is a great and simple way to get advice.
  • Digitizing Visual Work: Notes aren’t just words. Some topics, like math, biology, and geography include visual work. This type of information can be difficult to draw on a tablet or a laptop, so the ability draw out diagrams on paper and save it online makes life a lot easier.


3. Interview Notes Hack

The Hack: Create a “question and answer” template in your notebook to keep your notes understandable for after the interview. Add space for follow-up questions or even add an “evaluation” section to summarize your thoughts on the interviewee.

⇨ Check out how Shayla Klein, a Rocketbook pro and news reporter uses her notebook to help her do live tv interviews:

Shayla explains how she uses Rocketbook to prepare for reporting on breaking news stories.


Who This Is For

This hack is for interview participants….whether you’re asking the questions, or being asked the questions, interviews are a big (and tough) part of life. Rocketbook notebooks can help to make that process a little easier.

When This Would Come in Handy:

  • Adding a Team-member: When hiring for a new position, your interview notes often need to be shared with other people at your organization. Easily scan and share the questions and answers to make the process smoother for everyone involve
  • TV News Reporter: The news cycle is never ending which means there’s a a never ending list of important people reporters need to interview. The ability to write, erase and repeat makes Rocketbook notebooks a savior for journalists looking to save some paper.

Need to create a custom interview template? Here’s a video tutorial:

  • Looking for a Job: The search for a job can involve a series of interviews. Why not use that repetitive process to your advantage? Take notes on the questions asked most often and save them online to prepare high quality answers. (By the way, Rocketbook is hiring.)

4. Groceries List Hack

The Hack: Grab your grocery list, and some Beacons! Stick the Beacons to the corners of your grocery list and scan. Now your list is accessible on your phone, so it’s no problem if you forget your physical list on the way to the grocery store.

⇨ Check out how Dan Hogue, a Rocketbook pro and avid grocery shopper uses Beacons to fuel his shopping talents:

Dan explains how he uses Beacons to digitally capture his grocery list for instant accessibility.


Who This Is For

This hack is for everyone. Because grocery shopping…you love it or hate it. Either way, everyone’s got to do it. Luckily, Rocketbook Beacons can assist in making the process a lot more convenient.

When This Would Come in Handy:

  • Fridge-Focused Listing: Some people don’t abide by the usual sticky note or notebook page grocery list. If your grocery list involves whiteboards or fridge magnets, Beacons can help capture your grocery list in a clear and accessible way. Size, color and shape of your list doesn’t matter!
An example of Dan’s grocery list, scanned with Rocketbook Beacons.
  • Collaborative Shopping: Living with other people can provide an opportunity for dividing your grocery shopping up. Less time, money and stress for everyone involved. Once you’ve scanned your grocery list with your Beacons, you can share the scan with everyone in your household. Tip: Mark who is meant to get what before scanning so everyone is clear on their shopping duties.

Hack It Up!

One of the best things about being a Rocketbook user is the creative community of innovators, tinkerers, and productivity ninjas you get to call your own when you get a Rocketbook. If you want to connect with other Rocketbook innovators, join the Rocketbook Launch Crew Facebook group. Thanks to all the users who helped out on this blog, and if you’ve got a Rocketbook hack you’d like to share, tag us on social media with @getrocketbook or send us an email at hello@getrocketbook.com!


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