4 Ways Rocketbook Saves Paper

4 Ways to Save Paper with Rocketbook

A̶l̶l̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ A Few Ways Rocketbook Saves Paper

Recyclable paper is great, but endlessly reusable paper is infinitely better. We wish we could list all the ways a Rocketbook notebook saves paper, but since the possibilities are infinite, you’d be reading this blog…forever. So instead, we’ll only cover a few ways Rocketbook helps save paper…

1. Bye-Bye Index Cards, Hello Cloud Cards

Does this sound like you?

  • Hours of staring at index cards.
  • Long nights memorizing what the mitochondria is (it’s the powerhouse of the cell).
  • Years of emotional damage after the test when all the index cards are discarded, never to be used again.

Bonus Tip: Learn how to Ace Your Next Exam with Cloud Cards and Study Mode.

Use the Rocketbook app to create a digital pop-quiz.

Sustainability Scoreboard

Rocketbook: 1 | Single-Use Paper: 0

2. Transfer Your To-Do Lists to Rocketbook


  • Over 50 billion sticky notes are sold each year. Unfortunately, because some recycling programs don’t accept sticky notes, tons of sticky notes end up in landfills every year.

Another Fact:

  • Every time you write a to-do list in your Rocketbook notebook, a tree cries a single tear of joy. (We have yet to confirm this.)

Bonus Tip: Learn how to Get Your Sh*t Together with Smart Lists.

Use the Smart Lists feature to create interactive checklists.

Sustainability Scoreboard

Rocketbook: 2 | Single-Use Paper: 0

3. Students of the Future, Use the Notebook from the Future

Let’s do some quick math

  • (8 college semesters) x (5 subjects) = 40 notebooks
Create a Google Drive folder for each class, so you can keep your scanned notes easily organized by course.

Bonus Tip: Learn how to Use One Notebook For Every Class with Rocketbook.

Sustainability Scoreboard

Rocketbook: 3 | Single-Use Paper: 0

4. Write Your Screenplay with Rocketbook

Let’s say you’re writing out a screenplay. The screenplay may or may not be your ideation of the next film in the Star Wars universe, but that’s not important. The final version of your screenplay comes out at a whopping 200 pages–but that’s not all, because you go on to write 4 more Star Wars sequel screenplays (it doesn’t have to be Star Wars, that’s not important).

Smart Tags help organize your scans into categories.

Bonus Tip: Learn to Scan All Your Notes with Smart Tags.

Sustainability Scoreboard

Rocketbook: 4 | Single-Use Paper: 0

Here’s To a Future without Single-Use Paper

Those are just a few ways to save paper with Rocketbook, although the possibilities are endless. We hope this information has empowered you to use your Rocketbook notebook in creative ways to cut down on paper use.

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