7 Realistic Ways to Reduce Paper Waste

7 Realistic Ways to Reduce Paper Waste

Paper waste is a big problem that requires big solutions. Every day, more than 200 million trees are cut down to support the paper industry. Besides deforestation, paper takes up a significant amount of space in landfills—even more than plastic. It’s up to all of us to do what we can to cut back on wasted materials, but that can be a daunting challenge. 

Fortunately, there are everyday habits you can embrace to reduce your environmental impact without drastically altering your lifestyle. In fact, you might even discover that using less paper actually improves your routine. 

Here are 7 realistic ways you can cut back on paper waste.

1. Seek Out Alternatives to Paper Products

While cutting paper out of your life completely isn’t a viable option for most people, there are substitutes available that won’t drastically alter your way of life.


For example, you could use cloth napkins and paper towels for cleaning. You could purchase toilet paper made from other more sustainable fibers besides tree pulp, such as bamboo or cotton.


Skip the paper plates and use traditional dishes. Pack your lunch in a lunch box instead of a brown bag. Bring a tote to the grocery store instead of using paper bags. Simply keep an eye out for paper waste you come across during your daily routine, and then look for better options.

2. Stop the Junk Mail

A sign on a house that says “No Junk Mail”


In your quest to reduce paper waste, you’ll undoubtedly start realizing the massive amount of paper that’s constantly all around us. How much junk mail are you throwing away every day? While it’s virtually impossible to stop it all, there are action steps you can take to reduce the flow.

Many billing services offer paperless options. Instead of receiving a physical bill in the mail, you get an email or a text. Similarly, emailing, texting, or calling instead of sending paper mail is a great way to create less paper waste.

3. Print Less

Try to avoid printing documents unless it’s absolutely necessary. In today’s digital world, there’s often a computer-based alternative available. Even important documents like contracts can be signed digitally. Besides being the eco-friendly approach, digital documents don’t get lost or damaged, and they don’t take up space.

4. Get Your News and Entertainment Digitally

Physical newspapers use a significant amount of paper, and if you have a subscription, you’re creating that waste every day. Many newspapers can be found online, and you can even use your free library card to access vast newspaper databases.

Instead of purchasing physical books and magazines, consider using an e-reader to cut down on paper waste. Many users find that it’s a more enjoyable experience, and you’ll feel good about saving some trees. Plus, you can own a portable, virtual library that lets you purchase your publications no matter where you are.

5. Be Aware of Product Packaging

loose vegetables in a basket

Mindful shopping goes a long way in learning to reduce paper waste. While you might not be willing to give up some of your favorite products, try to buy items that use less paper in their packaging when you can. Buy in bulk and get loose produce. Besides being environmentally friendly, these tips can save you some cash.


6. Reuse Paper

A simple but effective way to create less paper waste is to find creative ways to reuse paper. For example, you could use old newspapers to wrap presents, fuel your fireplace, or protect fragile items in shipping. You could even get crafty with used paper and create collages, origami, paper mache, and other paper-based works of art. Instead of throwing potentially useful paper away, save it for a rainy day.


7. Get a Rocketbook

Rocketbook reusable notebooks and reusable planners make it easy to use a whole lot less paper. Our innovative, synthetic pages provide a smooth, natural writing experience, and when you’re done, just wipe them down with a damp cloth and reuse your Rocketbook endlessly!


Cutting down on paper waste isn’t the only reason to make the switch. The Rocketbook app makes it possible to upload your content to the cloud for instant access anywhere, convenient remote collaboration, and digital editing. Here’s how it works. Reduce paper waste and get organized with the notebook of the future!


In addition to notebooks and planners, we offer a variety of other reusable supplies that can help you use less paper, as well as some awesome accessories so you can personalize your Rocketbook to perfection. Questions? Check our FAQs or get in touch


The future is paperless, but we still have a long way to go. Are you ready to make a difference? Start reducing paper waste with these simple tips, and get your Rocketbook today! 



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