5 Rocketbook-Inspired Playlists for Every Part of Your Day

Rocketbook inspired music just for you.

Have you been struggling to stay in your groove these past few days? It can be difficult to stay on track when the spaces and times in your life start to lose intention. Luckily, Rocketbook has put together these five playlists for specific parts of your day so that you can divide and conquer! Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up or new tunes for your music library, you can put these playlists on in the background to maximize your entire day from start to finish.

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Tune into this playlist for a bright, high-energy start to your day. Featuring throwback jams and contemporary pop, this playlist will be sure to get you moving!

This playlist features a more acoustic flow that you can put on in the background as you take a break from work and cook yourself lunch. Sing and hum along as you relax into this mid-day break.

Time to get back to work! 3pm slump who? You’ve got this “Space Jam” play-list to keep you energized and focused. Power through those last few hours of work, and have fun while you do it!

Sing along to this playlist brought to you by the entire Rocketbook Team! Each song was personally selected by a Rocketbook squad member. Enjoy these timeless favorites, from us to you!

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of another day! Sit back and relax as we bring you relaxing tunes from the dark side of the moon.

We hope these playlist increase the intention in the different parts of your day. Although it can be hard to create separation between the different parts of your day, setting the right mood with music can help instrumentally (see what we did there?) to get in the right headspace. These playlists were personally curated by members of the Rocketbook team looking to motivate themselves, their friends and colleagues, and now you! Thanks for tuning in!

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