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Behind the Innovation is a live, 4-part video-series that puts us in front of the camera to take you behind the scenes on how we keep Rocketbook operating at lightspeed. We’ll be talkin’ 3D-printer experimentation, meditation ideation, and extraterrestrial communication (wait, scratch that last one). Each video will end with a live Q&A, so tune in to hear our secrets and stick around to ask us your questions live!

Meet the Makers of the Rocketbook App

[Past Episode] Hear our digital product team reveal the process behind adding features to our app with over 1 million users. They discuss developing new feature ideas, building an MVP, and improving the app based on user feedback.

Running a Killer Kickstarter

[Past Episode] Our Kickstarter team will reveal the strategy that made us the #1 crowdfunded office product of all time and got us on Shark Tank. They discuss sending emails, creating a video, and maintaining hype throughout the campaign.

Reinventing the Planner

[Past Episode] Learn about the collaboration that led to the galaxy’s first reusable planner. Then, stick around to see your questions answered live about the Rocketbook Panda Planner’s product journey.

Creating New Products

[Past Episode] Hear us spill the beans on the ideation process that gave us new products like the Wave, the Orbit, and the upcoming unannounced [redacted]. Then, stick around as we answer your live questions about our new product ideas.

Listening to Customers

[Latest Episode] Find out how we turn customer ideas and suggestions into new (unannounced) products and app features. Then, stick around to ask your questions live about how we use customer feedback!

More Behind the Innovation…coming soon

While we don’t have any specific dates set for more Behind the Innovation episodes, from the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we know the show must go on. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for new episodes where we’ll be diving into the team behind the visual look and feel of Rocketbook, explaining how we put customers in the pilot seat, and giving advice for starting your own business!

Stay tuned…

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