5 Tips to Jump-Start Your Day

5 Tips to Jump-Start Your Day


Your morning sets the tone for your day. So it stands to reason that to have a successful and productive day, it’s vital to have a successful and productive morning. That’s easier than it sounds, though, and sometimes you might wake up feeling like a car that’s died on the side of the road. Get back in gear with these five tips that are like jumper cables for your morning (except without the fear of being electrocuted and all that).

#1: Wake Up Earlier

Get started an hour or two before people need your attention (or an hour before you’re ready to deal with others) to give yourself some personal space.

  • This gives your mind the proper time to wake up and really focus on the day ahead. Goodbye lazy brain.
  • Over time, this will become an easy habit to keep and you’ll find yourself with more time in the day.
  • Forcing yourself to maintain the uncomfortable habit of waking up early generates discipline and motivation that will carry over and help you tackle your day.

#2: Build a Routine

Give yourself structure in the morning and stick to it. And hey - might we suggest you use a notebook to stick to it?

  • Once you’ve made your morning routine a habit, you won’t have to think about it — like a car with automatic parking. This will free up mental energy for the more important tasks of your day.
  • By repeating the same behaviors over and over, your body will acclimate and start giving you the energy you need to get through the morning.
  • If you have control of the first part of your day, you’ll feel more in control of your whole day.

#3: Expend Some Energy

It sounds counterintuitive, but some physical activity (it doesn’t have to be strenuous; try a walk or quick yoga session) in the morning gets that blood flowing and energy pumping.

  • By doing some physical activity (it doesn’t have to be strenuous; try a walk or quick yoga session) in the morning, you’re getting that blood flowing and energy pumping.
  • Research shows morning exercise is best for reducing stress and helping you burn more fat throughout the day. 
  • Exercise also releases endorphins which have mood-boosting superpowers, so start your day with a dose of good vibes.

#4: Eat a Healthy Breakfast

A car can’t drive without gas, so you can’t expect your body to perform without food.

  • Fuel your body with the proper nutrients that will jump-start your metabolism and give you some energy.
  • By nourishing your body right, you’ll gain increased focused and more energy to keep you productive and on task throughout the day.
  • Make sure to hydrate, too, but hold off on the caffeine until after 9am to get the most impactful boost.

#5: Ignore Your Emails

Sort of — you should still answer your emails, but do it later. In the dead of winter, it’s a bad idea to slam on the gas as soon as you start your car. Similarly, your body and brain need some time to warm up in the morning.

  • If your inbox is a frequent point of stress and annoyance, build up some productivity momentum with smaller tasks.
  • Wait until you’ve given your brain the time to wake up, process the day ahead, and dive in with a positive attitude. Then it’s time to jump into some emails and get that engine going.
  • A great way to reduce the stress of your email inbox is to keep it clean. 

Get (Jump) Started

There are 365 days a year, so why not make every one count. With these 5 tips, you’re well on your way to doing that. Start by waking up a little earlier to extend your day, and then create a regimented routine to follow each morning. Make sure to include some exercises into that routine to get your body’s motor running and ready for the tasks that lie ahead. Finally, fuel yourself with some good food (healthy-wise and taste-wise) before jumping into some of the more stressful activities, like answering emails. You’re now stocked with the knowledge to make every day a success, it’s like your a morning mechanic. A master of mornings. A morning maestro. Regardless of which metaphor you choose, you’re ready to kick some ass every day.



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Kevin Lovell

These are excellent tips. Any ideas on how to deconflict when multiple people are using the same home or apartment?


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