E07 | 10 Ideas A Day

E07 | 10 Ideas A Day

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In the seventh podcast episode of The Betterment Experiment, Rocketbook co-founders Joe and Jake criticize their weeklong trial with writing down 10 ideas a day.

"We implemented by writing 10 ideas a day in a list every day, and I had a list of soft noises that were soothing"

"Is this appropriate for the podcast?" - (5:33)

As a reminder, last episode Jake and Joe argued about which extreme habit they should implement to change their brain. Our listeners voted for 10 Ideas A Day.

Rocketbook co-founders give their feedback on testing out 10 Ideas A Day. By forcing themselves to come up with a list of 10 unique ideas each morning, they found themselves feeling more relaxed and having easier access to the creative juices in their brain. However, both Joe and Jake concede that it's not as helpful as they'd hoped and that it might take longer, say 30 days, for this extreme life hack to make a noticeable impact.

After sharing their experiences, they suggest trying this exercise with a partner as they suppose some collaboration will enhance the creative stimulation.



The next episode of the Betterment Experiment podcast will be the Season 1 finale You might not have even known we were in Season 1, or even that podcasts had seasons. Regardless, in lieu of a debate, Joe and Jake preview all the exciting things to expect in Episode 8: the Season 1 Finale. Subscribe so you don't miss it.  

“Successful people are generally more optimistic, and this is a way to build up gratitude and optimism in your life, so that will make you more successful.” - Jake (14:34)


James Altucher - 10 Ideas' Founder


(00:23) -- Intro
(01:18) -- Recap last episode's debate and winning experiment
(1:50) -- Share Findings
(6:26) -- Tips & modifications for 10 Ideas A Day
(07:32) -- Break & Fast Hack
(07:56) -- Preview of Next Episoode (Season 1 Finale)
(09:34) -- Subscribe, Rate, and Review
(10:19) -- Outro


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