7 Reasons to Get Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes

7 Reasons to Get Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes

 Alright! You either JUST got your Rocketbook Sticky Notes (right on!) or are mulling over the decision to purchase. If you currently find yourself in the latter situation, we've got you covered! The Rocketbook product team worked tirelessly to create the perfect reusable and restickable sticky note (say that 5 times fast). Read below to understand the top 7 reasons to get Rocketbook Reusable Sticky notes.

Endlessly Reusable Sticky Notes

Rocketbook Sticky Notes are virtually indestructible and can withstand the elements. Our patented wipe-to-erase pen and paper technology ensures that your Sticky Notes are built to last. Unlike single use alternatives that curl and rip easily, Rocketbook Sticky Notes look and function like new every time they're refreshed.

Just use any Pilot FriXion pen or marker, wipe it down with a moist towel, and reuse your Sticky Notes again and again and again...

Endlessly Restickable Sticky Notes

Rocketbook Sticky Notes can be restuck on surfaces thousands and thousands of times. Using space aged sticky technology, the adhesive clings to smooth, clean surfaces, including the ones below, without deteriorating over time.

Better yet, they don't leave behind icky residue when removed!

(Please note that surfaces that are textured or dirty may interfere with adhesion strength.)

Clean Sticky Notes with a Touch of Water

If a Sticky Note starts to lose its adhesive strength, simply refresh it by rinsing the adhesive with water and letting it air dry. Good as new!

Cloud Connected Sticky Notes

You can't have a Rocketbook product without talking about how the notes can be digitized, saved, and shared. The free Rocketbook App quickly captures and sends one or more Sticky Notes as high quality JPEGs or PDFs to your email and all your favorite cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and many more!

By utilizing Rocketbook's signature 7-symbol shortcut system, you'll be able to send and share your scans at the speed of light. Whether you send them to yourself or your team, you'll level up your efficiency and organization!

In addition, the Rocketbook App utilizes advanced computer vision to capture your notes perfectly, from any angle. The app auto-crops and color-pops your scans to provide a digital version that looks better than the real thing. No need to worry about dull photos or images with messy backgrounds and weird angles!

Starter Kits Include Multipurpose Case

We designed a custom storage case that showcases your most important notes. It opens up to house your extra Sticky Notes, keeping them clean and organized. Furthermore, the durable case is designed to be mobile, so that you can carry it between your home, workspace, and anywhere in between.

Station it proudly on your desk, take it with you on the go, or place it in your hand for writing support. It's practical, looks great, and provides a forever home for your Sticky Notes!

Scan Multiple Sticky Notes at Once with the Free Rocketbook App

For the productivity and collaboration enthusiasts out there, take your Rocketbook experience to the next level by sending your Sticky Notes to popular digital task management programs like Trello and Asana. Send one or multiple Sticky Notes to those destinations and view them as digital cards on which you and your team collaborate.

But that's not all...the Rocketbook App will automatically color label the digital cards to match the colors of the Sticky Notes for clearer visualization and grouping!

Handwriting Intelligence Transcribes Your Notes

The Rocketbook App uses advanced Handwriting Recognition Technology (Optical Character Recognition) to do some amazing things with your handwritten text.

Want to transcribe your handwritten text for faster sharing and editing? The app can do that and send those digital transcriptions to email and certain cloud services like Google Drive and Evernote.

Search Your Handwritten Notes with Smart search

Want to search your handwritten text? Use Smart Search to locate any of your scanned notes by a specific keyword or phrase. It's perfect for finding those important ideas!

Eliminate Single Use Paper By Transitioning to Reusable Sticky Notes

Do you really need to keep buying stacks and stacks of single use sticky notes? Transitioning over to reusable paper will reduce your waste and save you money over time. A set of 18 Rocketbook Sticky Notes replaces thousands of single use stickies - a good choice for your waste bin and your wallet.

Additionally, they declutter your workspace and help you stay organized. It's a wonderful feeling to know that you'll always have a reusable Sticky Note when you need one!

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