Write a Valentine with Cloud Cards

Write a Valentine with Cloud Cards

Hopefully it’s not February 13th when you’re reading this. But even if it is, there’s still time to make a grand romantic gesture on the most loving day of the year: Valentine’s Day.

This blog isn’t some overcomplicated instruction manual, it’s a simple guide to using Cloud Cards to create a heartwarming valentine with lesser known Rocketbook tricks to help out the hopeless romantics out there.

1. Double the Love

If you’re not familiar, Rocketbook Cloud Cards are reusable index cards. They’re equipped with a dot-grid on one side and lines on the other. This is perfect for a valentine loaded up with love.

Use the dot-grid to show your love visually with a colorful drawing, then use your words on the flip side to melt their heart with eloquent outpouring of phonetical emotion.

Like a Rocketbook notebook, the Cloud Card is erasable with water. So, if the valentine recipient isn’t impressed with the art or words, they can always erase and create their dream valentine for themselves. It’s not nearly as romantic, but it’s an option

2. Everlasting Love

If your valentine lives far away or if this is the type of valentine you’d rather not see face-to-face, Rocketbook has your back. Luckily, Cloud Cards work with our app, so you can send your love from afar. Like really afar.

Use the Rocketbook app to scan both sides of your Valentine, and choose where you want to send the digital valentine you’ve created.

Rather than a piece of paper that lives on the mantle for a few months before being tossed in the trash, your digital valentine will exist for eternity. A never-ending, non-expiring declaration of your love. What’s more romantic than that?

3. Love in Motion

Ready to have your mind blown? Did you say yes? We can’t tell, because there’s no actual way for you to respond here.

Well, here it is: you can use Cloud Cards with the Rocketbook app to create an animated GIF out of your handwriting. That means not only will your valentine receive a drawing from you, but that drawing will move. We mean that literally and figuretively, by the way. The drawing will move and be animated, but also the drawing will move your valentine in an emotional way (hopefully).

Check out the example GIF we created just for you and click to learn how to create a GIF with the Rocketbook app.

Good Luck, Lovebirds

We’ll admit that if you’re preparing a Cloud Card valentine for a partner, maybe consider grabbing a gift as an addition. As for the rest of your valentines, a Cloud Card can be the perfect, remote, hand-made with love Valentine’s Day gesture.

Share your Cloud Card Valentine’s with us on social media with #Rocketbook! Have a love-ly day and thanks for reading.

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