8 Secret (But Actually Helpful) Ways to Erase a Rocketbook Notebook

We’re trusting you with our secrets.


About two years ago, we released 10 Secret Ways to Erase a Rocketbook Notebook into the world. The general public reacted in one of two ways: the first type of reaction to the coveted knowledge that had long been kept hidden was too much to handle and people lost their minds with excitement. The second reaction was that of frustration that there weren’t any actually helpful ways to erase a Rocketbook notebook.

Today, we’re putting that issue to rest with another 8 even more secret and even more helpful ways to erase. We must again warn you, these methods of erasure are not to be taken lightly. With great power, comes great erasability.



1. Water Brush

The ancient Rocketbook texts have told of a supernatural way to erase the small mistakes in a Rocketbook notebook. In other words, lots of customers have suggested using a water brush to erase with more precision than a cloth.

While this hasn’t been suggested by anyone, we suppose a water brush could prove handy for really slow on-the-go shower. Keep reading if you dare…


2. Q-Tip

Another method for minuscule mistake remodeling (that’s an ancient Rocketbook tongue-twister, by the way) is to use a q-tip. This useful tip has been passed down for generations as a way to accurately erase a small writing error. Simply wet the end of the q-tip and erase away.

Did You Know? Q-tips have a warning against putting q-tips into your ear canal as that is not the intended use. That’s really true. But it begs the question: then what are you supposed to use q-tips for? Erasing Rocketbook notebooks, of course!

3. Spray Pen

Cookies are great. Chocolate chips are great. Chocolate chip cookies are exceptional.

Let’s do that again, but for Rocketbook accessories. A pen is great. A spray bottle is great. A pen and spray bottle combined into one is exceptional. Deep in the mayan caves of Yucatán, there exists the result of a Frankenstein-style experiment gone RIGHT where a pen and spray bottle lives in harmony within the same body–the ultimate writing and erasing weapon.

Or, fill the spray bottle with mouthwash when writing on the go to freshen your breath.

Note: For this to be used on a Rocketbook notebook, you’ll have to craft a way to swap FriXion pen ink into the pen.


4. Eye Dropper

Science of the past was crude, but luckily today we have more advanced methods of measurement. For those who wish there existed a more refined, scientific approach to erasing a Rocketbook notebook, this is it.

Fill an eye dropper with water to dole out erasing powers drop by drop. This can be used for small “drop-sized” writing mistakes or for larger “rainstorm-sized” writing mistakes.

Another option is to experiment and calculate how much water it takes to erase an entire page so you can use that amount for future erasing without wasting a (literal) drop.

5. Felt Tip Marker

If only there was a switch on a pen that could be flipped to turn the pen from writing to erasing. Wouldn’t that be magical? Well, good news, the ancient Rocketbook gods used a spell to create that exact power…sort of.

Felt-tip markers can be filled with water so you can erase by “writing”. This is the most natural option on the list, as it uses a natural writing motion. You can search the internet for “water doodle pen” as a great option.

If you’re having erasing fatigue, and just want a normal spray bottle to use as a handy dandy erasing pal, you can get a spray bottle from Rocketbook here.


6. Dry & Wet Towel

Every Rocketbook notebook comes with a microfiber towel, which is a great erasing companion, especially for big page-size mistakes. However, after erasing, the page is left wet and needs to dry.

Story Time | There’s an ancient Egyptian myth of two warring towns. They fought over each others land incessantly because one town was always in a drought and the other in constant downpour. Eventually, the towns found peace in sharing their lands with one another and prospered for centuries to come.

Use that myth as a guide: wet half the microfiber towel so that you can conveniently erase and then dry pages without missing a beat.


7. Rain

Admittedly, this way to erase is not actually helpful as the title of this list claims. But it is fun. Go outside and perform the ritual rain dance of your Rocketbook ancestors until it rains. Hold out your notebook and watch as the pages are erased by the freaking sky! How cool is that?

8. Heat

We don’t recommend this method. Feel free to skip to the end of the blog or go back to the beginning, but whatever you do don’t read this section.

This way to erase is more of a warning than a suggestion. You can erase your Rocketbook notebook by heating it up (e.g. leaving it in a car out in the hot sun all day). If this happens, don’t cry–the tears will just erase more writing. Instead, place your notebook in the freezer. Yes, really, it works.

Also, if you’re erasing the Rocketbook Wave–and ONLY if you’re erasing the Wave–the microwave is a place to erase. If you’re not sure if you own the Wave, assume you don’t and don’t put your notebook anywhere near the microwave. Please.

Can You Keep a Secret?

Congrats, you’ve now discovered and mastered 8 more ancient secrets of erasing a Rocketbook notebook. Be responsible with your newfound knowledge, and be sure to use the Rocketbook app to scan and save your notes before using any of these methods, otherwise your valuable ideas will be lost forever.

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