A Beginner’s Journey to Meditative Bliss

(Feat. a Rocketbook co-founder)

There’s a reason that Bill Gates meditates 3 times a week, that Michael Jordan hired a personal meditation coach, and that Tim Ferris is a staunch believer in meditation. The reason is simple: meditation has the ability to improve your physical health and your work performance, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Why do it?

As it turns out, though, meditation does have a wide breadth of steadfast benefits.

  • 30% of people said meditation helped reduce stress
  • 60% of people said meditation gave them more energy
  • A Detroit company instituted meditation and found a 120% boost in productivity

What is it?

Yet, only 14% of people in the US meditate which begs the question: why aren’t more people meditating? Can heavy breathing for 10 minutes a day really boost productivity? Are chimes really not involved?!

Our experiment

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Jake spending 10 minutes meditating in the middle of a WeWork co-working space.

The Results

What were your expectations going into this trial period of forced daily meditation?

Have you tried meditating before?

What method of meditation did you use for this experiment?

How did you learn about mindfulness meditation?

What are some of the benefits they list in the book?

Watch Jake attempt to meditate as fellow Rocketbook co-workers get caught spying on him.

What benefits did you discover from meditating? Did it impact other parts of your day/life?

I also liked using it as a threshold for splitting my day between work and home. I have a kid at home, and everyone’s got family stuff going on, so by doing it right when I get to work, it acts as a threshold.

Any re-occurring thoughts? Difficulties? Stresses that kept popping up?

You’ve previously called meditation “hocus pocus”. Now that you’ve tried it out, do you feel it increased your productivity?

Now that the experiment is over, do you think you’ll continue meditating once a day, or even once a week?

[Note: after checking in with Jake one week after this interview, he has in fact continued meditating daily.]

Any advice for someone who’s interested in trying to meditate, but who’s hesitant like you were?

Learn More

Hear more about how Joe and Jake’s experience with meditation and learn how it surprisingly affected their parenting skills, by listening to The Betterment Experiment podcast anywhere you get your podcasts.

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