Announcing our Halloween GIF contest!

Announcing our Halloween GIF contest!

*This Contest Has Ended*


We had so much fun creating our Rocketbook GIF feature that we want to share the love and reward you for it! 

Here is an example of the awesomeness you can create!



Here's the scoop;

Step #1 Grab your Rocketbook Color, Wave, Everlast or One.

Step #2 Read this blog for how to use the Rocketbook animated GIF feature.

Step #3 Explore here for how to draw something scary, spooky, and Halloween-y.

Step#4 Once you have your drawing, send yourself or a friend your super cool GIF. Save it and submit it to us at 

Step #5 Read below and bask in the possibilities of winning all the cool prizes!

The Intergalactic Prize Pack includes:

1 Rocketbook Wave, standard size 

1 Rocketbook Everlast, letter size 

1 Rocketbook t-shirt (you can’t buy these anywhere yet) 

1 Rocketbook Fidget Spinner 

1 Pack of Crayola smelly markers that work great with the Rocketbook Color

Sounds pretty good right?! Here is extra credit:

  • Tag 3 friends on Facebook or Instagram when you share your GIF. 
  • Make sure you like & tag the Rocketbook Facebook page in your post. 

You are now entered to win one of 2 Ambassador Prize Packs!

Winners will be announced on Halloween! 

Thank you all for your continued support! The future is ours and we are taking you with us!

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